10 Soulection Artists That You Should Know

soulection li 10 Soulection Artists That You Should Know
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The importance and relevance of SoundCloud as a platform for launching music careers is without question or debate. SoCal's Soulection is a primary example of this. As a radio show, label, and collective, Soulection has been creating and surfing their own wave of futuristic beat music with R&B, house, trap, footwork, and bass informing sensibilities taking center stage. Through a consistent effort and output, Soulection has become a stellar example of what a team can do together in the internet age to bring together people and create culture. Though the team and roster is far bigger and deeper then what's listed here, here are 10 of Soulection's stars you should know.

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  • 4reel

    what about insightful? iamnobodi? c’mon son…

    • Jake

      Love their music but only featured 10. Even the intro says “Though the team and roster is far bigger and deeper then what’s listed here…”

  • Craig

    wow this list blows, no evil needle, no sivey, no atu, no starro, jeftuz or iamnobodi. Fucking shameful i don’t think you’ve even listened to selection at all. Plus you added andre power (just a dj) and joe kay who isn’t even a producer (slow edits don’t count) and of course you put ta-ku on there. Most overrated in the future soul game and it’s not even close

    • chill out

      yo chill out

  • K1DG1O

    this is real trap music, all this festival music is bullcrap