The 10 Best Bro Safari Tracks

bro safari dj The 10 Best Bro Safari Tracks

When Evol Intent's Knick started exploring BPMs outside of drum & bass, he ended up in a few places; he took mash-ups and blending tracks to new heights with LUDACHRIST, and embarked on interesting journeys with Minus Music. It was when he happened upon Bro Safari that he really hit his stride, though, and since then, Bro Safari bringing us some of the best in dubstep, moombahton, and trap. And while we know he has way more music in him, we'd like to take a look at his best work so far. From remixes to collaborations to his own solo jams, here's the cream of the Bro Safari crop.

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  • Dick Tracy

    You forgot the best of the best of this guy: burn the disco (bro safari remix)