The 10 Best Club Nights in the US

us club crowd The 10 Best Club Nights in the US

While EDM might be new to many, the dance music scene in the United States has thrived for over 30 years. Damn near every night of the week in major cities across the US have some kind of dance music night/rave/weekly going down. From the upscale, trendy dance clubs to the murky basements, people want to hear EDM. The problem is, not every venue gets it. Some spots might be able to book big names, but don't know how to create quality sound systems, while others might have an enormous sound but a shitty spot.

One of our jobs at DAD is to steer you in the right direction, and help you experience the sounds of EDM in the best possible way. From New York to Los Angeles, we've compiled a list of the best weekly/monthly club nights to hear the sounds of dubstep, house, drum & bass, and anything else under the sun. Here are the best club nights going down right now in the United States.

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  • jessie42859751

    hi hey

  • Patrick_Harrison

    Did you guys seriously not include Beta? It is one of the few clubs to have a near perfect sound engineering and a system so good (funktion-one) that they keep audio levels at only 30% capacity. Not to mention a c02 system powered by jet propulsion technology.

    • Jake L

      Hi Patrick, I totally hear what you’re saying. As you might see at the title though, it says Best Club Nights, NOT Best Clubs. So that’s why Beta itself was not included. Further more, if you look at #10 it’s actually Sub.Mission, which includes Bassick Fridays at Beta. :)

      We know, Beta is one of the top clubs in the country, but that’s not what the feature is about. :)

    • Jeremy Sinistarr Howard

      Beta = Club. Not club night.

      Beta hosts Sub.Mission and Reload Production’s Bassic Fridays.

      The relevance is there ;)

    • Patrick_Harrison

      I feel stupid. Lol

      • Jeremy Sinistarr Howard

        To be fair to you, I lived right up the street from the club in Denver last year, and that club is very well put together. :)

  • Neil

    Low End Theory, LA?

    • Jake L

      That was definitely on the short list for consideration :) Low End Theory is a great night out in LA! Maybe if we did a top 11 or 15!

  • Sean BassWars D

    Yo if Your in the Atlanta Area This Upcoming Thurs. Jan. 31$t

    Atlanta BassWars Proudly Brings To You!…..



    DJ NUK


  • Jason Valdivia

    Was Inception Fridays at LA Exchange ever considered?

  • Erica Ruben

    Deep Space is really touched and honored to be included on this list. After 10 years of running parties every Monday, it’s wonderful to still be getting this sort of recognition. Thank you for including us on such a wonderful list. Peace, dub and respect, Erica Ruben, Producer, Deep Space

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  • Kath

    Lights Down Low in SF? Asylum in Honolulu? Lovelife in San Diego? Culprit Poolparties in LA? This list could be better.

  • BassMan

    Funny that you could read this article andbitch about a club being left out. Where you even paying attention?

  • Mike

    No love for Glow Washington DC? 14 years strong… Held at arguably one of the best venues in america.