The 10 Best Clubs in the U.S. Right Now

best clubs us The 10 Best Clubs in the U.S. Right Now

What's dance music without a venue to truly experience it? While we can love EDM just as much in our headphones or in our homes, you will not get the full impact of the music or the culture at your computer. This life needs to be lived in the club, with bass and beats hitting you from all sides. That is inescapable. And if you're hitting up a wack club, what are you really doing to yourself?

The question is, what makes a good club? Is it the fact that its considered "hot?" Do they have a great line-up on the regular? Is it the sound system? Or is it some weird x-factor that can't be easily explained. We looked at all of these factor in bringing you the best clubs in America right now. From coast to coast, huge megaclubs to smaller, more intimate spots, these are the venues that will give you the best bang for your buck.

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  • Skrillex

    no red rocks?

    • Jake L

      That’s not a club at all.

  • idiot

    what a joke…. no output? Webster Hall is not a club.

  • Neil

    The Mid Chicago!

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  • Nah

    Marquee at 10? XS out of top 3? No other clubs in the country draw near the caliber of DJs that are at these clubs on a weekly basis. Yeah it’s Vegas, but c’mon have you even been to these clubs?

  • J_Jeannette


  • Ryan Tigue, this is a joke, no elektricity?

  • Joe

    XS Sound system sucks dick

  • shawn cooper

    complete bullshit echostage was not even mentioned. stop catering to the clubs that are friendly with your staff.

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  • Robert Bradshaw

    The max omaha Nebraska is pretty damn good

  • Angel

    Beta?? Lol betta is by far the worst night club I’ve been to. Nothing but immature kids killing the vibe. Not to mention you can get to one end of the club to the other in 2 steps.