The 10 Best DJs Over 40

old dj The 10 Best DJs Over 40

You can't escape it: EDM is seen as the sound of the youth. Just look at your parents' faces when you throw on some amazing new track. Yet like with any youth culture, there have to be pioneers and forefathers to show you the way. And while you might feel weird walking into a rave with a 40-year-old, some of the best DJs out there could be your uncle.

Here, you'll find a number of seasoned veterans; DJs who have helped pave the way for the producers and DJs that that you look up to today. They are all active today, and are still seen as pillars of their particular style of EDM - or over the scene as a whole.

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  • Mike Ellerson

    how do you NOT have Fat Boy Slim on this list!!!!!!!

    • Punk Daft

      because he sucks

      • Matt Smith


  • Martyn M Murray

    How is David Rodigan not get in this list actually what about Arika Bambaataa?! This is clearly written by someone who knows literally nothing about DJing or an American who frequently uses the term EDM. Disgusting.

    • khal

      you’re commenting on a website that’s geared towards EDM. if you took thirty seconds to look over the rest of the content on the site you’d see that. Unless I’m confused, neither Rodigan or Bambaataa are considered dance music DJs. right? Rodigan’s been sampled by the likes of Breakage and other dance music producers, but that’s not his repertoire, right?

  • Louis Anthoni Soriano

    Um Bad Boy Bill anybody ??!!

  • Tweak matrix

    I would have thought my dude Benny Bennasi would make it too

  • dj techg

    Jazzy Jeff this BS djs

    • khal

      again, if you consider Jazzy Jeff an EDM DJ, that’s on you.

  • Nathaniel Ross

    No Alexander Robotnick?! No Carl Craig?!

  • The Colonel

    Love Goldie til the end and believe he’s a talented renaissance man ten times over, but a great DJ he’s not.

  • Matt Smith

    How the fuck is John Digweed not on this list?!

    • ElenoursDLD

      dude read sasha’s says sasha along with his partner digweed

  • Raif Nation

    best? or just richest? and out of all listed Dieselboy is the only “hard dance” (not trance or house) DJ that makes this list (blame dubstep). how about Brisk, Sy, Andy C, Aphrodite, Roni Size, Scott Brown, Paul Es, 6 Blocc (aka R A W), The Producer, etc etc….

    anyone find it funny that these DJs arent really the “best” as far as talent goes?

    • khal

      why would you ask “or richest?” did we break down their annual income? and is Andy C 40 yet? our calculations have him a year or two shy of the big 4-0…

  • 80sbaby

    aren’t judge jules and mauro picotto both over 40 as well? If so leaving them off is a travesty!!

  • Tim Martinez

    I at least expected David Mancuso from the Loft parties as well as Little Louie Vega or Kenny Dope Gonzalez from MAW….oh well.

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  • RaingodSpires

    search raja ram on google

  • RaingodSpires

    and goa gil