The 10 Best EDM Clothing Brands

hous x The 10 Best EDM Clothing Brands

It sounds weird, right? Most people look at raves and only see the horrible fashion choices that get made when going to these events. From fairy wings to huge JNCO jeans, the items some club kids must have locked away in their attics surely tell some wild tales. With EDM gaining steam in the mainstream, though, it was only a matter of time before some EDM-inspiried clothing brands were coming out of the woodworks. And no, we're not talking about the stuff you might see cluttering your local Hot Topic.

With streetwear continuing to boom, even EDM kids need to have some unique pieces. Depending on your style, you can grab a goofy slogan t-shirt or some truly high-end pieces from a number of sources. Instead of going to Zazzle and creating your own, here's your source for the best EDM clothing brands out there.

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  • fuckyou1234

    how are you going to leave off Let’s Rage? Either way this list was retarded in true complex form


    If you want come check out my mix along with my AMAZING clothing sponsor :D DJ WHITE RHINO

  • Drstrayngeluve

    Billionairs Apparel is Classic!!!

  • Billionaires Apparel

    Thanks so much for including us on this list! We’re extremely honored to even be considered in the same group as the rest of the fantastic brands shown here.

  • Bassdrop

    Thank you for including us on this list with some of these awesome brands! Looking forward to an amazing 2013.

  • Brian McCrossin



    Thanks for the shout out guys! Stay tuned for some new designs and huge collab pieces dropping soon!

  • disqus_TexeWULXxf

    Cool list of brands. You might want to check out for your next fashion feature!

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  • Isthisajoke?

    This was absolute shit.

  • Regina Walters

    Have you seen the “Do you Party Party?” Apparel line? Pretty popular at events and clubs.

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  • Lexx
  • Greater Apparel

    Please check out for exclusive EDM, rave, and music inspired t-shirts and tanks!

  • On Cue Apparel

    Check out http://www.oncueapparel for all your edm needs! they got neon and graphic apparel!!

  • Abhay Bajaj

    Thats an amazing list, thanks for the information. I ordered from 3 of them.
    I’d also like to add to the list. They’ve got amazing clothing designs of some of the top DJs including Hardwell, Dyro, Steve Aoki, Armin Van Buuren, Deadmau5, Skrillex and more.

  • Seth W. Wright

    Check out the latest episode on Billionaires Apparel on how they began and a behind the scenes look at their most recent collections photo shoot.