The 10 Best EDM Producers Under 21

XXYYXX The 10 Best EDM Producers Under 21


Age: 17

It's almost as if anytime someone makes slow, downtempo, brooding and not easily understood electronica that people immediately assume the producer is BRILLIANT. They don't understand him so it must be sophisticated! Well, normally at least. With XXYYXX, we aren't quite ready to say he's brilliant or a prodigy, but we do know the kid has the chops to potentially carve out a long career filled with his own spacey R&B-infused future bass beat music. That's quite a mouthful and perhaps not the most encompassing description, but that's part of what makes his music so good. Cinematic and personal, emotive and universal, XXYYXX made waves with his eponymously-titled debut LP. He has already toured the nation, he'll have shows in Miami during Miami Music Week, and his name is always talked about in the same vein as the Brainfeeder and LuckyMe dudes.

  • Octose

    Dyro is a joke – the guy uses the same drop and build qualities in everyone of his tracks. He is definitely not in the top 10. A 12 year old could do what Dyro is doing.

    • Jake L

      Show us even a 14 year old who does it please! :)

      • Cameo

        distantt. look him up. he’s really 14 and prob produces better then you.

    • kjdj

      Because he is attractive. People dont want art anymore, they just want someone to idolize

      • khal

        there’s no idol worship going on at DAD

    • Will Hastings

      try looking at some of his remixes. he has a new style that is popular right now.

  • TheologianXX

    DISCLOSURE is missing, 21 and 18 year old brothers..Hit after hit, Latch, White Noise, The Face EP, and they play live sets, but im glad i guess they aren’t considered “EDM” because its real house music

    • J

      Love Disc.. But 21 is not under 21 :)

    • khal

      house music falls under the EDM umbrella, but Guy is 21.

    • Humza Tariq


  • Lëo D Martinez

    Where’s Eric arbores and Julian jordan

    • Mr.Green

      arbores? bitch please…. he is under a lot of other better…

  • Cave Johnson

    Shift K3Y goes too hard!!

  • DeeJay Freeez

    YOU ARE MISSING from PHILLY! #MadDecent #BrickBandits

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  • andy

    Hey everyone check out this short teaser and let me know what you think

    Fan page:

  • Arley

    no Happa, 16 year old UK-based techno producer?

  • The man who knows more thanYOU

    Juventa? Matt Fax? Disclosure? Andre Sobota? Come on, your “EDM” list is failing. No trance, prog, deep house, or techno, just dutch, electro and trap. Some “EDM” blog you are.

    • khal

      As stated up above, Disclosure was in the running but Guy is 21.

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  • Labelnot
  • Bajda

    Martin Garrix? Julian Jordan?

    • MorrisNavidad

      Martin Garrix sucks ass. Made animals within 2 hours. I’m starting to produce, and I’m pretty sure a 4 year old can produce a better song.

  • Will Hastings

    Julian Calor?

  • Dunki
  • Greenbubble

    Eminence, Hellberg, Kenneth Nilsen, and many other artists from Monstercat?

  • Guest

    where is


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