The 10 Best Major Lazer Tracks

ml close li The 10 Best Major Lazer Tracks

Not that Diplo needs any more excuses to plant his hybrid seeds within the mainstream musical garden, yet his Major Lazer project allows him to express not only his love of the dancehall sound, but do so with a cavalcade of like-minded artsts. Since 2009, Major Lazer has been associated with blending genres, breaking down boundaries, and doing so with a wide array of talents. From hardstyle to dubstep, Diplo's ship is unafraid to travel into foreign waters, and through shared appreciations for these sounds, their output has awoken a spirit within today's iTunes nation, where genre names are eschewed for loving whatever moves you.

With their Free the Universe album finally in stores today, DAD wanted to take a look back and dig into the tracks that made us love this project from the start. It's crazy to think about how dance music has changed within the last four years, and Diplo always seems to be at the forefront, dipping into the new styles and appropriating them into his own sonic jambalaya. Here are the 10 best Major Lazer tracks.

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  • Allie Burdeau

    you forgot keep it goin’ louder!!

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  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    Talk Bout Me, Watch Out for This, Jessica, and a couple tracks off Lazerproof could be on here too!

    • Carter

      Watch Out for this would without a doubt be in my top 5 ML tracks

  • Jro

    Original Don is the Anthem. #1

  • Original Don

    Definitely would add Jessica, Watch out for this (Bumaye) and Zumbie ft. Andy Milonakis. ME A ZOMBIE, ME EAT OUT YUH BRAIN!!!! SHOOT HEROINE AND SMOKE COCAINE!!!!!

    • khal

      lol those lyrics are hilarious