The 10 Best Music Festivals for July 2013

music festival crowd li The 10 Best Music Festivals for July 2013

Summer's in full swing, and now is the time to get your work vacations or "I'm out of school, let me lose my mind" trips out of the way. What better way to let go of the ills of everyday life than to road trip to somewhere secluded for a few days and soak in some great music? July packs some brilliant choices for your music festival needs, from places you can live that RV life properly to spots where you can enjoy music and the art of making medicinal beer. Here are the 10 best music festivals for July 2013.

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  • Alfonso Alonzo

    You Guys Forgot Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld

  • charlie marshall

    woah, woah, woah. ‘Nothing quite like it in the UK’? You haven’t heard of Global Gathering or NASS! :/ Although, I do wanna go EDC as well! haha :L

  • julie Gordon

    Someone went to this festival: I went this year and the truth that has to be in the top 10, because I do not know that but it was one of the best to I went in years, called Ultra Music Festival and worth buying tickets for 2014.