The 10 Best Noisia Remixes

noisia li The 10 Best Noisia Remixes

You know what we realized the other day? It's been ten years since Noisia put out their first release. Think about it; they went from being one of the few darlings in the early 2000s, one of the talking points on drum & bass' expansion outside of the UK. This crew from the Netherlands has gone on to remixing everyone from Skrillex to Katy Perry, signing to Roc Nation, and helping shape the sound of dnb (and other forms of electronic music) in their vision. With the I Am Legion project with Foreign Beggars practically ushering in the next decade of their career (with Skrillex's OWSLA helping bring it out to the masses), we figured it made sense to look into the last ten years and highlight their remix work, which could be seen as catalysts in their rise from drum & bass darlings to undeniable pillars of the electronic music community.

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    noisia fuckin rocks

  • Aniccā

    Nice article. Noisia’s Smack my Bitch Up and Alice remixes are two of my favorite remixes of all time out of any genre. I think the drops in Alice are the definition of what a fucking drop is. That moment when you stop dancing, look at your mate and ask him ‘what the fuck was that’?! with a huge grimace on your face and then after a few seconds resume the D-floor action! Good times. :)

  • suttonhouse

    Wow. You have missed so many great remixes for this list. Did you just get into them last year or something?

    • khal

      i don’t know, was 2003 last year?

      • 2bro4me

        Too much skrillex.
        And katy perry remix in top 10. Just lol. I dont think you knowshit about dnb (where noisia is best

        • khal

          half of the list is their dnb remixes, including the #3 remix. “too much skrillex” doesn’t make sense if it’s a Noisia remix.

  • Ryan Casper Harrison

    Konflict – Messiah will always be my favorite track of all time, but the Nosia remix definitely pays homage!!!