The 10 Best Remixes of Daft Punk Tracks

daft bears li The 10 Best Remixes of Daft Punk Tracks

Nailing a Daft Punk remix isn't easy. Part of it is the fact that, when it comes to Daft Punk original material, a lot of their music is so timeless and "perfect," there's not even a reason for a rework. Things happen, genres need to be shifted, or there are just interesting takes on their source material that should be explored. It's just a weird zone to get in.

Assembled here are the best flips of Daft Punk material, be it slight edits that add a punch to existing excellence or flipping a tune into a different genre for added, cross-platform appeal. Some were officially released, while others road the bootleg circuit. Whatever the case may be, these are the best attempts and improving upon Daft perfection.

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