The 10 Most Unnecessary Genre Names Ending in “Step”

steps sad The 10 Most Unnecessary Genre Names Ending in Step

For some reason, the word "step" has been used, misused, and overused within a number of dance music genres over the last few decades, from drum & bass sub-genres to the many manifestations of dubstep. While sometimes they are used properly, there are instances where its as if a producer/writer is trying to invent a genre or scene where there isn't one. Dubstep made sense (even though many still fight the use of the word "dub" in it), but some of these genre names? It's downright frustrating trying to explain and understand their existence. Here are some of the worst offenders, or worst "step"-children if you will.

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  • Rybkon

    Well, I recognize dubstep mostly from few Skrillex’s songs. I’m also listening to “chillstep” mostly now. And when I’ve listened to Mala’s “Alicia”, my reaction was- “Woah, is it really dubstep?” It’s so different from any other dubstep songs that I’ve heard- I have in my mind view of dubstep as something much more, hm… aggresive, dark, wziumwziumbzzzzyyyt!bzzzzyyyt! than for eg. MitiS. For me It really should be divided, I mean chillstep from dubstep…
    PS Gash, I am listening to some dubstep and it is sometimes really… “Not dubsteplike”
    PS2 Nah, now some chillstep, and it is so freaking different from that dubstep before…
    PS3 I’ve found also that definition in urban dictionary:

    Most people that are not knowledgeable in underground music consider
    Chillstep a sub genre of Dubstep. In actuality it is a sub genre of

    Dubstep is a fusion of both Dub and Step genres (Hence the name).

    Chillstep incorporates many of Steps movements, but adds relaxing undertones and rhythm to it.

    Chillstep song examples;

    EvenS- Tell


    Days to come- Seven Lions

    Mitis- Innocent Discretion

    • Rybkon

      PS4 One more association with chillstep music- it’s definitely more “plimplimplim” than dubstep imo.