The 10 Worst EDM Genre Names

house genres The 10 Worst EDM Genre Names

Genre names are a weird thing. Rarely do the people making the music give it a name; it's always a hipster on the outside, coining some phrase that seems to make sense, but ultimately will just help people understand the style of music. The problem lies with those who either aren't good at naming things or aren't informed enough to come up with a name that makes sense. Hell, terms like "EDM" are an immediate red flag to many dance music purists that see the term as being unnecessary, but arguing that point is pointless. And while we can't escape some of the names that have been born over dance music's existence, we can't deny the ones that suck.

Wack EDM genre names come in all shapes and sizes: you have the mashing together of two words to somehow explain why this particular brand of dubstep or electro is different, to adding "intelligent" to show how elevated the sound is. Or you just have names that truly mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Whatever the case may be, here are the 10 worst.

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  • DDN

    Seriously, to whoever wrote this article, please do the world a favour and fucking kill yourself.

    • anon

      Wow, you’re a tool, you know that?

    • Brian Lemaitre

      Please explain why.

  • Fuzz

    Brostep is the dubstep equivalent of clownstep.

    • khal

      true! well, at least the name…

      • Fuzz

        I meant this as in they are both (from what I understand) pejorative terms referring to a sub-genre hated on by purists.

        • khal


  • Noxyoxy

    “It’s one of those terms that people who don’t listen to (or know much about) dubstep use to describe Skrillex, but if you say “brostep” around artists who make/spin dubstep, it has the same effect as writing “I’m a tool” on your forehead.”
    Umm…. I would love to know where you get your information, lol. I’ve been an EDM producer for almost two years now, ‘brostep’ is a legitimate term. “Brostep” is the sub-genre of dubstep that has a “happy” feeling to it, extreme amounts of vocal-modification/vocal-sample use, i.e; splicing samples, etc (FOTY by Skrillex IS Brostep), but then also has massive amounts of bass and synths.

    Real Dubstep is dark and gritty, and very atmospheric. You guys really need to ask some producers or something before you go and say something like; “if you say “brostep” around artists who make/spin dubstep, it has the same effect as writing “I’m a tool” on your forehead.” Seriously, no. This statement is wrong. Most of the article is very biased, actually.

    “Complextro” is called so, because the project files for most Complextro tracks LOOK COMPLEX. Who would have thought? EDM lives on the internet, nowadays. It seems like you guys took all of these genre names a little to seriously, to the point where you think, “It *only* could have been deemed so because of one person’s style of producing.”

    No. Look at where everything is based now-a-days; The Internet. People on the internet come up with names for anything, usually in an extremely simple way. “Oh, the project file for this Electro tune looks very complex, and also has a lot more bass modulation than Electro. I think I’ll call it Complextro.”

    Why are you guys bitching about the genre names, anyway? It’s not like they’re ever going to change. The people that like Trap aren’t going to change the name of it. DnB isn’t going to change, us fans are dedicated. The only thing I read in this whole article that seemed correct to me was the “Post-Dubstep” thing.

    • khal

      brostep might be a “legit term” NOW but that’s not how it started off. it was pretty derogatory, and that’s not hard to understand or realize if you were around when it first got thrown around.

      and we went based off of where the information came from: Porter Robinson coined complextro and in the interview it had nothing to do with how the project files look.

    • lolz

      no, you’re wrong. if you really are a producer, you’re just following along with all the other ignorant fans typing “chillstep” in youtube and feeling good about themselves for not listening to skrillex b/c that’s brostep and listening to brostep means you’re a stupid person. (just go read the enlightening comments on youtube – UKF Jesus

      Regardless it’s a nickname coined in order to insult someone, not a real music genre. You’re probably the kind of person who looks for new music genre names in an attempt to innovate, but really you’re simply copying other idiots in your ginormous conformist parade.

  • mike

    drum & bass shouldn’t be on this list because the genre was named at a time when there was only about 4 or 5 distinct other genres of dance music. so at the time name drum & bass was very unique and distinct anyway.

  • DatOneSwagster

    I pretty much agree

  • Ushaw

    Happy Hardcore….
    Happy + Hardcore = Complete awesomeness this person who wrote this hasn’t experience much of anything besides being stuck on a computer and listening to the Tracks on a computer with bad quality speakers.
    (Critics bunch of moronic writers with no creativity.)

    • khal

      Not sure if that’s how it works. This wasn’t even an article dissing actual styles of music, just a look at the wack names being applied to these genres.

  • Deadly medley

    This list is more like 10 EDM genre names. Period. There are a lot of names out there that i think are hilarious to read. Future-funk, Nu-Disco, Sexystep. Every one of the names this dude listed are like basic names of subgenres.

    • khal

      Future funk is a real genre? Sexystep? I think nu disco is pretty meh, but defines what the sound of that genre is better than, say, trap. And sounds much better than “chillstep.” And no matter what you try to tell me, drumstep is a weak term.