The 15 Best EDM Labels Right Now

vinyl white label The 15 Best EDM Labels Right Now

No matter how DIY EDM can get, you cannot deny the importance of a good record label. Getting music out there in 2013 is as easy as setting up a Bandcamp account, but if you don't have the muscle (or connections) to get your music in the right hands, no one will hear it. A good EDM label will not only take a chance on a new, emerging artist, but will give them just as much attention as they do established producers.

When looking at the best labels in the EDM scene right now, we have look at a number of factors: how important is that imprint to its genre? Which artists are currently signed to the label? If they're representing a niche sound, are they the cream of the crop for that particular genre? Have they stood the test of time? Are they just putting out releases, or are they really trying to highlight important artists within the culture?

By no means is this to say that these are the only labels out there, but right now, these are the best labels doing it.

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  • Liam


    • Poooks


      • Robert Morris


  • Ben

    Circus? They’ve helped push dubstep to the phenomenon it is today, yet it isn’t on here…

  • EDM

    Revealed Recordings! One of the most versatile labels around and it had an huge success in such a few time! Not to mention that THE Hardwell is its creator and owner.

  • No Bro, Just NO!

    Ok, Armada is not on this list. So its obvious that whoever wrote this is a N00B!

  • Samuel

    If you leave out Armada and Kontor,, then this list is fraudulent. Just some writing nothing else!!

  • Kyle

    What about ajunabeats?

    • Nord United

      Seriously the best.

  • Prototype 97

    Mad Decent truly did deserve that #3 spot. Good job on that. I fucking love Mad Decent

  • Jeffrey Wolfis

    and where’s Spinnin’ Records?

  • Some guy

    Why is Skrillex under Big Beats? He’s OWSLA!

    • khal

      Skrillex is co-head of OWSLA; he releases music under Big Beat.

  • Mr. Man

    Yeah where the heck is Monstercat

  • JC

    Revealed Recordings!!!

  • Dave

    Check out DJkidkash on Soundcloud the kid is pretty good at mixing Electro House,Trap,Dubstep, And more. He’s looking for the most support he can get.

  • Anthony Marcarella
  • MileGosh
  • Christopher Smith
  • Misty
  • Elgar

    Block parties have extended to South Africa! Was so sick to experience the first Mad Decent Block Party out of USA!

  • Nenamusic
  • erm

    Did you have a cuncussive blow to the head before writing this? Where’s Hospital? SoulDeep? LiquidTones? Liquid V? Fokuz? Spearhead? Metalheadz? Influenza? Innerground? These are all consistently putting out amazing music. My point being: Drum & Bass is one of the biggest and longest living EDM genres, and you seem to have ignored all but RAM Records.

  • FreddyAvila

  • Ageorgia
  • popoMusic
  • Brent

    Forgot anjunabeats

  • Adam Scurry

    My label Rave Boy Records is always looking for new artist. Please submit your demo in mp3 only or a sound cloud link. We are a Digital only record label and we have distribution to all the major online sites like Beatport, Juno, iTunes and more.

  • CheatSource

    As many people have said, Monstercat should be on here. They are a large EDM music label today, along with Never Say Die.

  • Darb

    this is biased isnt it? or at least not at all up to date.

  • Max Robin williams EDM tribute

  • Manny

    Revealed Recordings! Armada! Protocol Recordings! MainStage (Though part of Armada)! Anjunabeats/Anjunadeep! Bandit Records! Ministry of Sound! Kontor Records! MixMash! Flamingo Recordings! Flashover Recordings! Where are all these amazing labels? Not all are as influential as the ones mentioned on this list but Armada & Revealed should be mentioned.