The 15 Best Remixes of Kanye West Tracks

kanye head shot The 15 Best Remixes of Kanye West Tracks

One of the easiest ways to judge an artist's popularity is how quickly a remix of their new single drops. Over the last few years, anytime Kanye West has dropped a single, the Internets light up with crazy reinterpretations of his latest music. It's been easy to see why EDM producers have swarmed over Kanye's music, adding their own spin on his awesome material: 'Ye has a great flow, so even if you're just snagging a line or two from his tracks, you have a great phrase to build off of. He's also a talented producer, so you're bound to pick up a perfect melody to throw some dubstep or house underneath. Also, especially with 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye left a lot out of those tracks; you'd get a subtle beat, his auto-tuned vocals, and not much else, so you had a great tracks to build around.

It might be hard to envision why someone would NEED to throw a new spin on a Kanye West track, but hell, when you're in the club, you need to throw in something that people are familiar with, but is aligned with the journey you're trying to take the room on. These 15 remixes, which include versions from the cream of the EDM crop, highlight just how gifted an artist Kanye truly is, and also let you know how much these artists truly enjoy his work.

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  • basedgod

    i fuks with that boi gon make it big no lie

    • basedgod

      i meant histibe actually lol my bad

  • aboynamedandy

    Dope list. White Lotus’ remix of Kanye’s “We Major” is also fucking phenomenal (I know, he just relays it over “Bitter Sweet Symphony,” but it still sounds incredible).

  • CP

    I only looked to make sure the salva remix was here haha

    • khal


  • SUIT UP!

    why did the tiesto remix never come out?

    • Moo

      Cuz Tiesto blows monkey dicks

  • Francisco Quintas

    Some portuguese guy just remixed one of the new track’s from Kanye, check it out here:

  • ripmaggiethatcher

    In the headline, you spelt “worst” wrong

    • khal


  • Brett

    You guys really dropped the ball by not including Gifted (The Ashton Shuffle Remix) by N.A.S.A. feat. Kanye. Not technically a Kanye track, but it’s too good not to be on this list!

    • khal

      if it’s “not technically a Kanye track,” it wouldn’t fit the list. sorry!

  • Ktt OP

    OMG Histibe Remix!!

  • Wevin Dashburn

    Wevin Dashburn approves

  • Rommm

    The Neana Remix of Yeezus!!!!!