The 15 Most Important DJs Right Now

dj mixing The 15 Most Important DJs Right Now

What's EDM without producers? While Evolution 101.7 has been around for a few weeks, there aren't many options for dance music lovers to hear the freshest in EDM. We know there are some pop stations that cater towards the obvious cuts, but without steady radio play, where does one turn to hear the biggest tracks? The DJ, obviously.

Over the last few years, with the increase of ease for anyone with a hard drive of MP3s to become a DJ, you end up with a massive amount of DJs. And while we'd never knock a local DJ hustling out weekend gigs, there are times where you have to separate the best from the rest. Or, in this case, the most important DJs currently matching beats. Be it their mainstream accolades, their influence on their respective genres, or just being the shit, here are the DJs that are towering above the rest of the competition.

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  • Andrew Bezden

    No pretty lights, really?

    • Tyler Dornenburg

      Hey Andrew – I agree. Pretty lights belongs on any list showing a group of top influencers, had there been a few more spots open, say a list of 20 or so, I think he would have made it on there. I didn’t see his crossover potential as big enough to be more “important” (as I defined in my own sense of the word) than anyone else on the list. Thanks for reading and thanks for the input!

  • Heatwolves

    CDJ 200??

  • disqus_V86QSS87sG

    Skrillex and deadmau5 are not DJs, in fact if you called deadmau5 a DJ he would probably punch you. They are producers and while both are amazing at what they do, they are not DJs. What kills me is that they are many other genres of EDM that get ignored..its either electro house or dubstep, I was actually surprised to see a DnB DJ on this list. I guess the lines between “DJ”, “producer” and “artist” are seriously blurred nowadays.

    • JL

      I think you’re forgetting the word important. I mean, don’t get me wrong I like a lot of dnb but if you’re being honest about what’s been popular and driving the growth in electronic music, it’s house and dubstep. furthermore, your nitpicky definition of a dj is exactly the kind of limiting mindset that just shows the scene’s growth as a movement, as it’s clearly a growing pain. Surely deadmau5 is not a dj in the traditional sense, but the fact is he produces electronic music and the terms dj and producer are thrown around so much without any real difference, to the point where those terms are interchangable.

      TL:DR, get a grip. Thanks for participating!

  • Jason Valdivia

    I think this list was well rounded out, but I especially love and respect that it is a fair unbiased view on EDM today. Many of the people on this list have massive amounts of haters and naysayers (Skrillex, Guetta, Deadmau5 probably take the top 3 in that regard), but if you really love dance music, you can always recognize the impact that certain artists have, even if you don’t like them or their music. D.A.D got this one right.

    • Tyler Dornenburg

      Thanks for the positive review, Jason! Glad you enjoyed the read.

  • Beanie

    so just out of curiosity…why did you leave Axwell out of the entry with Seb & Steve? why not include them all and speak on their gigantic influence on the genre both as a trio and as individuals. Size & Refune are no more important than Axtone. And if we are talking about DJing, Axwell might be the best and most popular DJ out of the three. He belongs on the list either by himself or grouped with his mafia. Just thought it was kind of curious for you to mention Ingrosso and SA but not Ax.

  • marky

    18 Months is Calvin Harris’ 3rd album.

  • ApolloCode

    The list is very good there you guys clearly putted a lot of influential guys who really kill it. But seriously? No Hardwell? He won recently the best european dj (the best djs are usually european) and the best remixer award. He is one of the favorites and if he didnt exist I swear that the EDM scene would easily loose 1/3 of its current interest, thats how big the guy is. Not to mention he runs an amazing label (Revealed Recordings) and he is one of the most versatile djs in the world and has a pretty open minded ear he plays almost every style, even trap sometimes! Whatever he plays its just above very good thats why I and the rest of his fans just know that from him we can just expect the best of the best. I bet songs like Alive (Cash Cash & Kalkutta Remix) wouldnt have been so known if it wasnt for him he makes a lot of tracks famous just by playing them, not to mention the fame Dannic and Dyro received thanks to him and probably a lot of other dj producers who signed to his label. You should consider remaking that list because we both know Hardwell easily stands above of at least 10 guys on that list.

  • Are you serious??

    “Skream & Benga are not only some of the best dubstep producers out there [...] they’ve risen through the ranks…”

    You realise they are literally dubstep’s creators, right?

    • khal

      you’re sure about that? Both Skream and Benga were early in the game but they had dubstep producers and DJs influencing them, including Hatcha, Plastician, and Horsepower Productions before them.

  • dude

    ryt lads

  • Sozgoz