The 15 Most Important Women in EDM

faith back The 15 Most Important Women in EDM
Lady Faith at EDC

Scroll through DAD or any other sites dedicated to dance music and you'll notice one thing right off of the bat: EDM is a fucking sausage party. We're not sure WHY, but the ratio of men to women who produce/DJ/run dance music is wildly dispraportionate. We know women love dance music - women love to go clubbing, and love to dance. Go to any rave or festival and you'll see fuzzy boot-rocking girls with wings and smiles on. Someday, some professor will figure out why there's not as many women as there are men behind the decks and mixing boards.

That's not to say that there AREN'T any women around, though. Some of the most important figures within EDM are women. From the presenters on our favorite radio programs to the writers of the biggest EDM hits to the people putting on the events, there are women that are killing it in the dance music game right now. Here are the ones with the most importance.

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  • John-Michael Del Valle


    • Jake L

      Great producer, but doesn’t have the impact that these women do.

  • brian

    cassy? nina kraviz? deniz kurtel? kate simko?

    • Jake L

      It’s only 15 of them, so many more.

  • Francisco Cardona

    no korsakoff? or lady diana?

    • Jesse Vesser

      That’s what I’m saying.. that’s ridiculous!

  • Robert Wohner

    Enjoyed reading this. Missing Nadia Ali for sure.

    • Jake L

      What up Robert! Haven’t heard from you in a minute now! As one of the contributors to this piece I can tell you now that Nadia Ali was definitely in consideration as were many other fine ladies :) Nadia will definitely get some love on this site in the near future!



  • Jesse Vesser

    There’s no korsakoff, but Lady Faith is on the list? THAT’S TOO FUNNY! Sorry HDN, but she shouldn’t even be on this list. WOW!

  • tank

    Decent list, but what happened to Magda, Heidi and Nina Kraviz??

  • Robert Hunt

    Ellen Allien? Nina Kraviz? Miss Kittin? WTF?!?

  • Spencer

    Jahan and Yasmine from Krewella…

  • Michael Frazier

    heidi should have definitely been on this list as she has her own radio show on bbc radio 1 andddd she is single handedly taking over the world with her jackathon parties and compilations. also nina kraviz should have made this list too.she’s right up with maya jane coles in terms of being the most sought-after female dj/producer on the planet.

  • Kelly Thomas

    This list ought to be titled “15 Most Important Women in EDM according to my limited understanding of electronic music.” Maya Jane Coles and Zoe Johnston aside, this list is bullshit. Before any of these, Magda, Karin Dreijer Andersson, Nina Kraviz, Caroline Hervé, Kim Ann Foxman, Claire Boucher, Kate Simko, Nicola Kuperus, Ellen Allien, DJ Heather, Laurie Spiegel, Anja Schneider should be on any list boasting importance.

  • GinaTurner

    Ey, in response to all the “where’s Madga, Where’s Heidi, Wheres Cassy…etc” I think they should be on a seperate list :) their style is a bit diff… and lets be real, They dont exactly fit in the EDM category :) as I think if you told someone like Nina Kraviz she plays “EDM” she would be quite offended, as she is known to be offended easily lol…..

    but yes, there are many other ladies that are in the in the DJ / Producer world, but clearly this list had a common theme :) I love Madga and Cassy and DJ heather and Heidi and J Phlip…. they are the funky housey ladies that rock it.. :) I’m sure there will be another list like “Underground Divas ”

    I’m flattered to be on this list as I thought I was more underground than forefront. so thank you!

    peace and love everyone :)

    • khal

      well said!

    • Dj Seen

      Boom nice response!

  • Achilles

    This list should be renamed the 15 most important women in EDM to someone who’s only been listening to dance music for a year

  • Peter Stimson


  • Pandrogynous

    Genesis P. Orridge

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