The 20 Best Trap Remixes of Non-EDM Tracks

trap wall The 20 Best Trap Remixes of Non EDM Tracks

2012 was undoubtedly the year of the trap.  No longer a niche sound, trap endured a renaissance as producers far and wide tried their hand at the style.  What better way to get into it by taking some of your favorites and using the basics to experiments?

Well, like with any new craze in this Internet age, more and more tried and failed to make anything good, but these 20 remixes are some of the absolute best out there, and use some awesome source material, including Etta James, Elvis Crespo, and Purity Ring.

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  • Lucio AdP

    I think that Flosstradamus Hood Fantasy (Ludacris) should’ve been there, but i still like the list

  • charlie

    3 frank ocean remixes? and 2 for the same song… really? Also, The At Dawn We Rage Remix of Swimming Pools blows that bird peterson shit out of the water. Not to hate, but this list was disappointing

  • Eli Chahley Cherry

    The flaxo remix of swimming pools is actually really good:

  • Rojo Reyes

    Chippy Nonstop – “Money Dance (Ryan Marks Remix)”

  • Jay Doughty

    diz list be terribull freal dough

    • Samantha

      Your grammar is terrible for real though! Thought you should know this!