The 2013 EDM Injured List

waiting room li The 2013 EDM Injured List

Has anyone else noticed that a number of DJs and producers in the dance music realm have come down with some kind of illness or injury during the first half of 2013? Everything random food poisoning to assault has stopped the progress and tour schedules of some of our favorite acts this year, although we're not sure why. Hopefully it's not open season on DJs, and we're just seeing a slew of wild coincidences in the EDM scene. Whatever the case may be, here are the stories we've seen and reported on regarding the ill health of DJs and producers in the dance music scene in 2013, so far.

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  • Kyle Angello

    As of Friday, Erick Morillo posted that he’s been in rehab in Malibu and he was abusing drugs and alcohol.

    • khal

      Thx for that!

  • Cole

    What about Tipper? I heard he needed open heart surgery and his last EP was to raise money for it.

  • propnae

    Wasn’t one of the Nervous sister injured?

    • propnae

      I mean nervo