The 25 Best Remixes of 2012

zedd wall The 25 Best Remixes of 2012

Skrillex & The Doors - "Breakn A Sweat (Zedd Remix)"

It's crazy when you realize that the first new Doors track in 30 years was this collaboration with Skrillex for that RE: Generation documentary. The original sounds exactly like you'd expect a track with Skrillex and the Doors to sound like (for good or ill), and Zedd's remix takes it out of the dubstep realm into the electro house zone. He rides those melodies perfectly, but injects that grinding bass in there, turning this one into the eyes-shut freakout of the night. Something to truly break a sweat to.

  • Ben XO

    The Nero MJ remix is in the 110bpm zone, not the 128 zone.

  • Nope, wrong.

    The choppage scene hasn’t died out.

    • khal

      is that scene anywhere near as large as it was almost a decade ago?

      • Tim Reaper

        Hmm, not really, but I wouldn’t call it dead, a lot of things maintain life after the limelight shifts away.