Don’t Sweat the Technique: The Most Skilled DJs in EDM Right Now

craze atrak li Dont Sweat the Technique: The Most Skilled DJs in EDM Right Now

One of the key difference between the "electronica" craze of the 1990s and today's EDM scene is the fact that vinyl is pretty much unheard of as a means to play or sell music. Back in the '90s, the turntable was outselling the guitar and being looked at as an instrument, and not just something to play music on; today, if you have a good DJ controller and a laptop with Serato, there's no reason for a turntable to be in your life.

With that loss of the art of vinyl and how it pertains to DJing, there are certain skills and techniques that DJs who learned on that medium just don't have today. Not to say that a DJ coming up now can't be as technically skilled as someone from that era, but without that knowledge, they learn different skills... or find ways to bypass the need for those skills to work on their mixing and whatever effects they bring to the table.

The art of that kind of older DJ is not lost however. There are DJs who cut their teeth on the older model and are now helping shape the dance music scene. Some of the names are obvious, while others might not be as known, but these DJs have the skills to really excite a crowd through the art of turntablism. Here are the most skilled DJs in EDM right now.

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  • Cosmo Baker

    Diplo got wild skills truth be told

    • khal

      yeah, I remember seeing something that said he was big into the turntablism shit back in the day.

  • DJ Nines

    One of the crucial people I think you left off is some of these new titans of American DJing. You got DJ Yonny who honestly spins house with a unique bronx hip hop style of DJing. Also you got DJ Jayceeoh who of course won master of the mix. His electronic production and turntable skills have been up with the elite for sure. Then of course with Trap becoming a huge EDM genre but also having deep roots in southern hip hop, the return to traditional turntablism seems to be natural.

    • DJ Tens


  • DJ Todd G

    Excellent list…the only ones I would add but aren’t on here because they spin breaks are Krafty Kuts and A.Skillz from the UK….both incredible technicians and producers in their own right, amazing to watch live

  • r3bl

    No araabMuzik? Seriously? He’s a game changer when it comes to skilled DJ-ing!

    • khal

      i don’t think he is considered a DJ, though.

    • speaktruth

      Yes..Seriously! I love araabmuZick but he is not a DJ and never was! Do your research.

  • Od312

    All about Bad Boy Bill!

  • intellex


  • Chrisclay23

    No boys noize, gesaffelstein or brodinski?

  • Snap-ah

    go to a DnB event, you’ll see that vinyl is much more than alive

  • ola

    lol i love how the americans call it EDM…you cant put DnB alongside House DJ’s alongside Dubstep DJ’s…they are all different genres…its like comparing Genuwine and Jay-Z

    • khal

      comparing an R&B singer to a rapper is the same as comparing DJs who happen to spin different genres? how’s that work?

      • ola

        well a Hip-Hip DJ is completely different in his technique then a Drum n Bass DJ , as is a D;’n’B head to a House DJ,,,and yes they spin different GENRES all that is doing is pigeonholing a DJ and saying they are all the same..don’t look too much into the comparison its just an example

        • khal

          the idea of us pigeonholing is irrelevant if you look at the actual content in the post, though. this is about dance music DJs that can scratch. i mean if they’re scratching over house or over dubstep, they’re still scratching.

          • ola

            as the son of a successful electronic DJ you would know that Hip-Hop DJ’s and House DJ’s are completely different. EDM is a term that americans have used which is not really accepted in other countries especially in the founding father countries of those genres. also if you listen to House or Trance DJs for example you will see there is very rarely if ever any scratching like in Hip-Hop, it is more about the mixing…so I think my view holds weight to a degree…not to say that you are wrong we just have different views…good talk tho!

          • khal

            So you’re hung up on the term EDM? Did you even read the post to see the DJs scratching over house, drum & bass, and other forms of dance music? You either didn’t read through the post, watch any of the videos, or just totally missed the point. It’s not about “having different views,” it’s about “these dance music DJs know how to scratch.” Simple and plain. There’s no argument that the style of MIXING between hip-hop DJs and dance music DJs is different, but that’s not the point here.

  • ola

    and you my friend are the moderator of the site, which means maybe you should take that banana our of your ass and stop being on your high horse, when you are having a discussion to someone of the public.. congratulations you are now coming off as a cunt.

    • khal

      When was I on a high horse? You’re going off on a tangent that has nothing to do with the content of the post. That’s how it came across. You’re the one continuing this discussion when you’re obviously wanting to discuss something that’s semi-related to what’s going on here.

      • DJ Todd G

        I think this was my favourite part of this whole exchange “also if you listen to House or Trance DJs for example you will see there is very rarely if ever any scratching like in Hip-Hop, it is more about the mixing.” I guess they missed that there was a large representation of house djs or djs that play house in their sets that also scratch. Or maybe the commentator doesn’t know what A-Trak, Laidback Luck, Bad Boy Bill etc. actually play. That’s without even mentioning Codes as well. But get off your high horse Khal lol.

        • khal

          i didn’t even know i owned a horse!

  • Deadly Medley

    He’s Jam Masta Jay the big beat blasta. He gets better cause he knows he hasta. It’s 83 and he’s a little fasta. And only practice makes a real JAM MASTA!!! Jam Masta Jay is the greatest dj period.. Terminator X is close.