10 Things You Didn’t Know About Avicii

avicii head li 10 Things You Didnt Know About Avicii

We know, we know; you're not a fan of Avicii. You heard "Levels" too many times in 2012, or just don't like the term "EDM" and want to reject one of the scene's most talked-about artists. We get it. Avicii's quick rise to the top of the dance music scene might anger some, but as we've shown you, it's not like he's been without quality music. Avicii (and the At Night management team) saw the opportunity to rise up and struck while the iron was hot. For good or ill, that's just how it happened.

We know Avicii has many fans out there... he has to, or those fees he commands for DJing wouldn't be justified. The question is, how much do you know about his career, and the places his music has landed? Do you know where the name "Avicii" came from? Take a quick look at the quick rise of Avicii's EDM empire.

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  • UFO

    Is Avicii famous in Sweden and is he Swedish???????¿

  • LALA

    yes ,he his one of the most famous artists here in Sweden and yes again he is actually swedish :)

  • john


  • me


  • me


  • me

    excuse me dont rape me plz

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  • Armin van buuren

    @all below are crazy XD

  • bohthechosen1


  • bohthechosen1

    Much respect to Avicii! He’s like a Swedish Jesus I swear hahaha. Like really he’s Jesus open your eye’s. Deadmau5 is like the devil can’t you people see This is the End!

  • bohthechosen1


  • bohthechosen1


  • Guest


  • bohthechosen1