Tommy Trash Got “Inspired,” Curated a Banger of a Compilation

Image via Anthony Mooney
Image via Anthony Mooney

World tours, massive festivals, BBC mixes, hit records and the pride of a nation: Tommy Trash is at the top of his game.  Earlier this month, Tommy linked up with Ministry of Sound to release a new compilation called INSPIRED.  As you might have guessed from the title, Trash mixes in a healthy dose of tracks that have inspired his remarkable career thus far.  Not merely old acapellas or quickly hashed mashups, Trash mixed in a number of classics alongside newer interpretations and fresh material alike.

So you kicked off Ministry of Sound’s new series, Inspired. How did this come about? Were you involved in the series creation or were you asked to be a part of it?
Ministry Of Sound reached out to me last summer and asked if I wanted to be a part of a new mix compilation series they were starting up called Inspired. It sounded like a super cool project, different from a lot of the comps out there and a fun way to dig back into some classic tunes so I was all over it!

Now this mix seems to feature a different kind of set then what you’ve been known for a bit in the last couple years. It contains less of the big Beatport bomb stuff, as of you’ve got some classics like deadmau5′s “Arguru,” and that obviously goes with the series’ theme. What was it about these tracks specifically that stuck out?
Well the first CD of the compilation is all about tracks that have inspired me in the past, so I had to dig way back and pick some of my favorites from back in the 2000s when I was discovering dance music as a fan and later a budding producer and DJ. The tracks I chose were ones that really defined that time for me. I had never heard anything like them before and that’s why they stood out so much.

Now you really used the mix to flex with some of these older tracks but we don’t get to hear that a lot these days it seems, as a lot of DJs stick to the Beatport Top 10 charts. Is that something you intend to work more into your sets? A bit more of the history and classics, teach the new ravers?
Haha, maybe!! I’m not sure if the festival kids would be into that kind of stuff, but you never know! I do often make edits of old tracks that I loved especially for my sets. That allows me to update the sound to work to today’s audiences whilst playing tracks that are awesome

You’ve also got some newer stuff like Armand Van Helden’s “I Know A Place” from last summer, and some Pryda & Friends tracks; where do you go to find new music? Are you relying on friends? DJ promo pools? You’ve had an eye for some pretty ripping tracks over the years and your sets are always eclectic.
Mostly friends, to be honest; a bunch of my mates send me new stuff all the time which is super super helpful for my sets. There’s so much music out there but they know what kind of stuff I like!

As you’ve done a number of these types of mix/compilation albums, you’ve definitely taken curating into a big piece of your artistic vision it seems. Do you have any plans to start a label?
Oh yeah. Can’t say much at this point but this year will be an exciting one icon wink Tommy Trash Got Inspired, Curated a Banger of a Compilation

Now that you’re finding a lot of records via the Internet, ravers are having a genuinely and profoundly different experience then you had growing up. What do you think this means for the rave scene as a whole?
I think there are pretty endless opportunities, to be honest. Hopefully the availability and volume of great music out there means that ravers go out and hear DJs playing different tracks at every show! The way things are now, bedroom producers / DJs can very quickly become global superstars, its pretty amazing really.

Do androids dance?
Without a doubt.