The Most Underappreciated EDM Genres

edm sub genres li The Most Underappreciated EDM Genres
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The problem with the term EDM, aside from the fact that people who only like saying "dance music" thinking that EDM = "festival-ready electro house" is the fact that because the electronic music scene is so broad, people don't really take the time to explore. If you shift a few BPMs up or down, or change the drum pattern, you can end up in a totally new zone, unable to sort out how you got there... and that's the beauty of electronic music. At DAD we're always trying to make sure we're supporting the lesser-represented sounds, and can find ourselves sitting on an island, hearing all of these intriguing genres and not really understanding how others could sleep on these vibes, especially here in the United States.

Are you adventurous? Do you mess with dance music but are tired of the same ol' sounds? Here are some genres that have either laid the groundwork for what's going on today, or are currently bursting with life but not getting proper play from many of today's EDM fans. Here are the most underappreciated electronic music genres.

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  • controlla

    EDM = “festival-ready electro house”

    yeah that’s was everybody thinks. and that’s also why many people hate the term “EDM”.

    in the 90s we talked about techno, house, breakbeat…. nobody talked about “edm”.

    • khal

      You must forget the period of the ’90s when everything was grouped together as “electronica.”

      • Skotty

        yeah but it got the attention of a lot of newbies in the USA, and Electronica meant ALL Electronic Music not just Dance Music. That “Period” also was a very short one that started with The Prodigy going to #1 and ending with the brief popularity of Big Beat and Fatboy Slim.

  • asdf

    What are some good grime djs/producers/songs for someone who hasn’t heard this genre?

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  • DKLO

    where the fuck is french house tho -,-!

    • khal

      People aren’t appreciating French house?

  • rageonbruh

    tbh, I wouldn’t say that these genres are under appreciated, but rather mis-understood. These genre’s don’t see as much attention because they’re complex and beyond the scope of the average “OMG COACHELLA!!!111″ edm fan, who cares more about partying than actual music.

  • eatMYbeat

    This article should be called ‘genres under-appreciated in the USA’…all the genres mentioned have a massive presence in the UK and the rest of Europe. But this might also be because we understand genres and don’t rely on a single term to describe everything.

    • khal

      That’s specifically why I mentioned “especially here in the United States” in the first paragraph of the intro.

  • DJ Todd G

    Nothing made my morning better than to see breaks finally get some love on here, especially Krafty Kuts who is truly one of the best DJs out there. Much respect Khal for giving some light to my favourite scene of all time


    shout out for shouting out Chill-Out rooms and The Irresistible Force!

  • Controller

    Why are you guys so focused on other blogs and what they do? “suddenly every blog that covers EDM wanted to speak on the scene.” Jeezus, focus on what you do and make your site better than to focus on everyone else.

    • khal

      “So focused” is keeping abreast of what other blogs are covering? That’s rich. We can walk and chew bubblegum, fam.

  • MZet

    lol so many snobs in the comments

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