These Wedding Line Dance Songs Could Be Huge EDM Singles

wedding dance li These Wedding Line Dance Songs Could Be Huge EDM Singles
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As much as you may presume this article is a joke, in fact I'm being quite serious...

Though potentially plagued by a lawsuit, the success of Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I.'s collaboration "Blurred Lines" should have far reaching effects into the world of electronic dance music. The success of the "song of the summer" was that it engaged in a rare, apparently new concept that we'll call "emotional sampling." Of course - especially in the world of EDM - sampling is fairly commonplace, as loops of familiar sounds create a feel that takes a track to a specific vibe. However, emotional sampling involves sampling not sounds, but the feeling within songs that - like "Blurred Lines" as compared to Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up" - appropriates the desire of someone to do a a two-step while smiling a certain smile and having a very precise kind of good time. With Avicii's "Wake Me Up" slowly attempting to continue this current dance era's progression to having s number one Billboard smash, it's entirely possible that EDM producers are looking everywhere besides an obvious place that most Americans find their most basic urge to dance: wedding line dances.

For the average music fanatic, the desire to dance is not something that involves hearing Kaskade, Diplo, or Flosstradamus at peak-hour on a Friday night. Rather, it involves putting on a suit or nice dress and knowing that after you watch someone accept the vows of marriage, that a wedding DJ is building up to playing three or four songs that he's absolutely and positively certain will fill the dance floor. As hackneyed and corny as line dances are, there is a certain emotional connection - that if located and re-produced correctly - can take the following five songs and make them into the songs that could easily put dance music on top of the charts.

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