Why Performing A Pre-Planned Set is OK

drawing blueprint Why Performing A Pre Planned Set is OK

It's no secret and there's no question that electronic music is experiencing it's biggest growth ever right now. For those of us who are deeply rooted in the scene, we've seen many of our peers react to all this to varying degrees. While some completely embrace it and believe we are on the precipice of a golden age, others act as if they've lost their children to alien abduction. So yeah, growing pains. One of the central issues to this has been the issue of pre-planned sets. Different from pre-recorded (which I personally do not condone), pre-planned sets still take a lot of heat. The reasons against them are obvious, if not a little dated, and it's high-time we let you know why pre-planned sets are alright.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/xavier.mafe Xavier Mafe

    excellent, excellent article Jake! for me this puts to bed the button pushing debate and puts the focus back to what is really important in djing which is curating the cream of the crop in music and facilitating a fantastic and unique experience for the audience

  • carmensdjservice

    Good read, even if a DJ hasn’t fully planned out his set, most of them know what songs they want to put together and more importantly, at what point to drop them in their set. I think the biggest thing is knowing your music as thoroughly as possible, which obviously takes some planning. Its always good to be able to switch things up on the fly if its not working but you should be able to read your crowd as well. Well done.

  • http://www.d-jam.com D-Jam

    I think anyone, even on vinyl, needs to plan to a degree. I used to pack my box carefully to be able to play what I wanted to play that night, but have some contingencies in case things don’t go well. In digital it’s the same.

    I think pre-planning is fine, but the DJ needs to be ready and willing to drop the plan and change it up when he sees the crowd isn’t feeling it. Superstars often will have it “safe” with a crowd that will love him/her no matter what, but the rest of us no-names have to be ready to adapt when it seems the crowd isn’t feeling our planned set.

    Frankly, I don’t pre-plan. Maybe I’m lazy, or I just like to wing it. Maybe that holds me back from achieving more. I dunno.