The Worst Trends in EDM Right Now

ultra aftermovie li The Worst Trends in EDM Right Now

It's always intersting to see a genre grow, especially something like EDM. Two, three years ago, you didn't have as many eyes on the scene, both on the underground and mainstrem levels, as you do these days, and when you take a step back to examine the scene, you end up noticing some depressing details. Whether you consider the skyrocketing prices for the raves that we attend or the lack of education that many of the bloggers out there have, it can be damn frustrating for long-standing fans of electronic music, especially if you're in our shoes, trying to disseminate information to the masses. In hoping that we can help curb some of these trends, we wanted to put some of the most frustrating trends within EDM right out on Front Street.

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  • zee

    haha love this – #10 gets me everytime. I admittedly could figure my shit out a bit better so thanks for that reminder at #6.

  • regular lel

    pretty stupid

  • D-Rawww (Dev Gray)

    Hit the nail on the head, this is only part of the problem of EDM tho…

  • GF

    I disagree with album artwork… It’s THEIR album… Who are we to say how they make it.

  • THEend

    THE worst trend is trying to merge the electronic and rap worlds. That is soooo bad and will lead to nothing but horrible things. When black people start infiltrating the scene, we are in for trouble. Not the good, upstanding black people who are already in the scene, but the average ghetto blacks you see on the street. I see them all the time now. They know NOTHING about the music and are just there to “sale dem moliez yo” and attempt to rape white girls. Some of you will say I’m racist, but it’s true. This will end badly. These blacks don’t care about the music and are there to exploit the scene and they will ruin it.

  • Jatroy

    This article sucks. Sounds like one persons rant about things they hate. Not real professional/legitimate

  • SlamAM

    another annoying trend is blogs that make up ’10 things..’ lists that make you scroll thru , each time loading a new page with new ads

  • Bryan W.O

    The one thing you missed,which is fairly new and imo the worst, is the American coining and usage of the term “EDM”.I have been in the music scene for 25+ years. Growing up in Seattle, we called it electronica as early as 1991.Everyone i knew in the music scene all over the planet called it electronica.

    The blame for this trend are the journalists exploring (what had been an established albeit “small” underground culture here for 25 years) one of the few places on earth that had not embraced electronica as “just another type of music played on the radio everyday”(2 weeks in London in 1996 hearing Republica and Robert Miles actually being played on the radio at 9am was an eye opener).

    How is it that all other genre’s of music that you can dance, relax or just listen to are not relabeled but Electronica is? Not everyone that creates or plays electronic music can or even likes to dance to it. I’m sure i’m being a bit petty but what sucks is that once people in the U.S. get sick of David Guetta,mass radio play and Grammy winners the scene will go back to the way it was 20 years go here in America but the term “EDM” will sadly stay.

    Journalist’s entered the scene here knowing nothing and assuming much.

    Thank you, American journalist’s, once again for giving the rest of the planet yet another reason to collectively scratch their heads upon hearing the news that in America, invited a French DJ,a Canadian with a fondness for dead rodents,a long hair kid with glasses an a laptop along with some guy that sounds like “Dorito” from the Netherlands to lunch a few year ago and they created,while drinking Pepsi and eating cheeseburgers, a new form of music that will take over the planet .

    • khal

      FWIW I feel like Electronica is an even cornier catch-all term than EDM.

      • Bryan W.O

        Khal now that i sit here saying the word “Electronica” over and over in my head not only does it sound a bit corny, it sorta has a “Superiority Complex” connotation as it rolls off the tongue.
        You make a fair and excellent point sir.
        Every time i say or hear the words E.D.M, I picture a Disney CD with kids doing terrible covers of Daft Punk. …. … …………I’m going to go hug a puppy.

        • khal

          LOL yeah. It’s like anything – if you have good experiences with a word or term, you see it in a different light. People were presented with “EDM” via media that knew nothing about dance music, so that’s what sticks.