PREMIERE: Worthy Speaks on “Get It,” Dirtybird, and His 2014 Plans

Image via Worthy
Image via Worthy

One of the key figure heads at Dirtybird, Worthy, has been kind enough to rock with DAD and premiere his first single of 2014, “Get It.”  This chunky piece of ridiculous 4×4 vibes sees this guy continue to put a stranglehold on his own brand of house music.  As his profile (and dirtybird’s) continues to rise, I wanted to reach out and check in on his inspiration, production methods and what to expect from him as the year unfolds.  Read up and make sure to click download below as this dude is just getting started on some freebie gems in 2014.

Dirtybird seems to be bigger and stronger than ever going into this year.  You and the team ever pinch yourselves about how the “tech funk” sound keeps spreading like wildfire?
It is amazing to see how far the sound has come.  I could not have imagined it would be this big now, if you asked me when we started Dirtybird off as a tiny party in San Francisco with 20 people who were all our friends. It has been the most amazing and crazy ride so far. I can’t wait to see how much further everything can go.

This is your first original tune release of 2014 and it’s pretty freaking stunning.  Anything noteworthy behind the inspiration on it?
It’s kind of a follow up to my song “Why You Waiting” that came out on Alive Records two years ago. I just found the vocal sample and thought I needed to make something sexy to go with it, which is kind of what happened with “Why You Waiting.”

We’ve got a lot of aspiring producers who check DAD on a regular basis.  Can you tell us a bit about your production methods and the equipment that you use?
I work in Ableton to make my music, with an Akai MIDI keyboard. I just added Maschine Studio to my setup, but have no idea what I am doing in it yet… (laughs).  My thought process when making a song is to start with the drums and making them sound original and organic.  Then I put down the bassline, which to me is always the hardest part. It is the part that has to stand out and sound big. If the bass is not working then the rest of the song is toast. After that I just let the music take me where it wants.

You’re obviously a diehard Dirtybird guy at heart. It’s always interesting to me to see guys like yourself venture out and release tunes with other labels.  How do you think that helps the Worthy and Dirtybird brands keep growing like they are?
By putting our music on to other labels, it helps us grow and expose our sound to another group of people.  Every label has their own following, and not everyone knows Dirtybird or me, so by releasing on other outlets it really helps to grow yourself.  It also brings people back to Dirtybird.

Still being in the first month of the year, we’d love some insight on what you’ve got planned for 2014.  Can we get some details on your upcoming release and touring schedule?
I am planning on doing a free track giveaway for the next three to four months.  I have a full length album done and I am working on finding a home for that right now.  There will definitely be a couple of EPs to be released this year too.  Looking forward to what 2014 has in store!