The 2013 Mad Decent Block Party Flyers

  • MDBP-0719
  • MDBP-0720
  • MDBP-0726
  • MDBP-0727
  • MDBP-0802
  • MDBP-0803
  • MDBP-0809
  • MDBP-0810
  • MDBP-0831
  • MDBP-0906
  • MDBP-0907
  • MDBP-0914
  • MDBP-0915

We’ve been waiting for this particular festival series since early April, and today the 2013 edition of the Mad Decent Block Party kicks off in Calgary, Alberta. The MDBP FB page has been on a super countdown, and they recently uploaded all of the flyers for the 13 Mad Decent Block Parties, which we figured we’d throw in one spot. Some tickets are still available (although Brooklyn, Las Vegas, and Philly sold out, with Toronto on its way to selling out as well). Philly heads, don’t forget, Diplo will be at the official Mad Decent Block Party after party, so get your tickets for that one EARLY.

If you’re going to hit the Calgary MDBP today, Mad Decent has sorted out a complete list of what you can and can’t bring to the event. And for those of you who will be getting ready the best way how (by listening to ill music), make sure you grab ETC!ETC!’s official Mad Decent Block Party mixtape. And finally, if you want to know who you’ll be seeing at the various spots, check out the Mad Decent Block Party trading cards. Be sure to check out for tickets to the dates that are still available.