Wolfgang Gartner’s Reddit AMA Brought the “Piano Concept” Out of 3LAU

Image via 3LAU on Facebook
Image via 3LAU on Facebook

I am not one to get involved in the petty nonsense of the interwebs, and this site is the furthest thing from an online blog version of TMZ. We bring you music and the truth about music. This scene is very precious to us, and preserving the sanctity of the industry and integrity of its art are my number one priority. As a journalist, I agree to remain objective, but as a blogger I have some leeway for opinion. I am going to try and keep that to myself as I report on the events that have unfolded since yesterday.

Wolfgang Gartner held an AMA on reddit yesterday. It lasted two hours, and he was asked many questions. Gartner is a veteran in this field, and has been spinning music since his college days Southern California. There was no massive “EDM” scene in the late ’90s/early ’00s, only a small myriad of genres. It was almost ancient times, with personal computers and reliance on technology in very early stages.

Few DJs have evolved so well with the times, keeping themselves relevant and becoming as successful in the modern age of electronica. Wolfgang was seemingly opinionated about many things in the electronic music industry, and rightfully so. He answered questions honestly, and called out a few things he found distasteful.

His comments have since been deleted, but I am going to assume from the fan comments, blatant attacks on 3LAU‘s skills, that something unfavorable was said about the 23-year-old DJ, particularly about mashups as they become a heated topic. Justin even popped on to defend himself, but his efforts were fruitless. The comments struck a serious chord with mashup monster Justin 3LAU, who in turn headed over to Facebook to express his heated opinion, very hurt and quite venomous at this point:

%name Wolfgang Gartners Reddit AMA Brought the Piano Concept Out of 3LAU

This post has since been deleted, and 3LAU ultimately chose action over words. None of this can be undone, and we bear witness to yet another messy public feud between to respected artists. The comments made on reddit struck a very serious chord with 3LAU, literally.

“Piano Concept” is an attempt to silence the taunts and unkind words, sounding a little like a cry at the opposition. I am not sure if he is overreacting, as anyone who has been teased knows how words can hurt. I really don’t want to choose sides here, but I’d like to give Justin 3LAU a hug and tell him that he makes beautiful music.

Ultimately, the show will go on. Behind the decks at a venue, or viral flashes of trolling opinions on a computer screen.


  • Aficionado

    Hopefully 3LAU’s career does end

    • doesnotunderstand

      agreed..basic piano chords do not illustrate depth or complexity and yet people are losing their minds over this. Id like to see him compose an actual song by himself that sounds somewhat unique. None of this collab nonsense. How can the author of this article even say he “makes beautiful music”? this is the only piece of known music that he made by himself and its a basic piano melody =/ guess the world is your oyster when you come from money…

      • anonymous superhero

        i was referring to the rest of his music which i happen to be a fan of. this internet trolling is ridiculous. the point i am trying to make is that there are real people behind the snide remarks and nasty comments, even Wolfgang Gartner was ashamed of this behavior, and immediately rectified it. there is no reason to attack the art of others or their personal circumstances because you think you know anything about them or their situations. it is wrong as fuck, and hurts all involved, especially those most undeserving.

      • https://soundcloud.com/unitd Brandon Berry

        You have to remember though that there is a lot of people who can’t even play piano that well. Commenting that his piano playing was basic, even though it was fairly complex for the genre he makes, is almost a slap to the face to him and the people that don’t know how to play piano, or are trying. If you listen to the song to enjoy it, instead of listening to it to criticize you might actually realize that it is beautiful. A good piano song doesn’t have to be all crazy and overly complex like most classical piano works. It can be simple and still sound beautiful. I play piano and compose so don’t try to use the, “You probably don’t know how to compose or play instruments either.” as a cheap weapon.

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    • anonymous superhero

      thanks! we posted an update. what silliness. like st. elmo’s fire. talking about something that was never even there in the first place. oh well, back to the music.

  • nick

    Hahha this is hilarious. I watched the whole thing go down. That user that Gartner replied to edited his comment to say that after Gartners initial reply.

  • Derew

    3lau, a tiesto’s protege… a superstar, and according to 3lau twitter he’s posing with next superstar buddies…

    the dance music scene is being shaped by these guys personal picks..

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