Afrojack and Deadmau5 Are At It Again, This Time Over “Good Music”

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Way back in January, we got the feeling that the beef between Deadmau5 and Afrojack was wild; it feels like they’re itching to go at each other. Back then, Afrojack spoke on Deadmau5′s infamous “pressing play” commentary, throwing shots about Deadmau5′s Mau5head and set design. The beef didn’t escalate past a response from Deadmau5, but based on what’s transpired over the last few days, it’s far from dead…

On Friday, Deadmau5 posted a link about the EDMBiz conference, in particular calling out Afrojack’s comment in particular: “If you make good music, you succeed; if you don’t, you won’t. If you make good music, you succeed; if you don’t, you won’t.” His hope was to get across the idea that producers should be making music that matters to them, not “good” music that “sounds like every fuckin other *edm* track out there.” We get where he’s coming from, but Afrojack wasn’t too thrilled about this, and when he saw it earlier today, he went in. We’re confused as to why he went from asking about Deadmau5 “bitching on everything” to calling into question the reasoning for quality engineering, but the underlying feeling is that Afrojack doesn’t like Deadmau5, and any opportunity to go in on him will be taken. Check out Deadmau5′ full message and Afrojack’s tweets up above.

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  • The Colonel

    Peace of meat?

  • Jaxxx

    afrojack is one trick poney. screechy repetitive tunes. the same fl studio skills… how long will he keep repeating himself? his tracks have no beauty at all. just farted melodies.

  • Cmonnn

    Afrojack just literally says his engineering is shitty and deadmau5 is a genius. He’s right.

  • Christina Lynn

    They both suck, wtf is dubstep to music. Music was known as one of the best forms of art! Not a fuckin pony show. Music isn’t supoosed to be entertainment. Are you at all intelligent?

    • Sable

      Deadmau5 is house and Afrojack is some, shitty thing. They’re not dubstep.

  • Christina Lynn

    Peacefully leave the music scene, please. For the sake of both art, and entertainment!