Aiden Jude, a 10-Year-Old EDM Producer/DJ, Has a New Single

Image via Aiden Jude
Image via Aiden Jude

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; we got put on to Maxum at the age of 15. DJ Dwells is winning championships at the age of 13. Martin Garrix‘s “Animals” has gone platinum worldwide and he’s not hit 18-years-old yet. But a 10-year-old EDM producer? Not something you hear about everyday. Oddly enough, his new single (“Tonight”) pretty much sounds like “Animals,” but what do you really expect a 10-year-old EDM producer to do, be innovative? Apparently his main influence has been his uncle, DJ Coleman, who is said to have “made his mark in the fashion world and high end events starting in the early 90’s.” The Shap Music-signed “Tonight” is said to be hitting Beatport tonight, followed up by a “Tonight” remix EP. Dude’s also opening for Mobb Depp in Hollywood, and also has gigs lined up at Lure Hollywood and Lavo in NY.

I’ll admit, I’m not quite sure what is going on in the world when a 10-year-old EDM DJ is opening for Mobb Deep, but my son will be turning eight soon; I need to get him on Ableton ASAP.

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    meanwhile me and my buddy KratZer actually have a passion for music and have 200 to 700 fake soundcloud followers and 30 facebook likes. This is so wrong on all levels. and we are both 13 and make good music

    • MikeB

      whats your soundcloud?

      • Elliott Stanley

        His soundcloud is

        Fucking amazing (except for greentext :P). He also has a house project called Lumivo

        I’m his friend KratZer :) ( hue)

        • realmusician

          Correction! You 13 year old little twats make NOISE! This SHIT is not music. Get a fucking education in music theory before polluting the world with more imitation noise that you ACTUALLY think is music. This GARBAGE is an INSULT to the word MUSIC!

          • Elliott Stanley

            lol I’ve studied theory for years and I play several ‘real’ instruments

          • peter

            Nope your a fuckface

  • dsfsdf

    theres no possible way a child could have learned all the inner workings of a daw and alllllllllll the other shit that goes into making a track that takes years to figure out and get good at and just pump out a beatport track and have it signed, at 10 years old. i just don’t really believe that. does the kid not go to school or something? its probably just another one of those cases where his parents paid for it to be ghost produced and then his uncles connections sealed the deal. no talent or hard work needed. its amazing what money can do.

    • Yander Delgado

      It doesn’t take a genius to make the same generic crap everyone else does. Vengeance samples, shitty dutch synth presets, and over compression. tadaa.

      • Fartin Garrix

        the guy who made it for him is actually a talented producer, but they didn’t like the original that he sent them, they actually asked for a more big roomy tune. It wouldn’t be such a sausage waveform if they didn’t ask for it to be louder! lol

        • Guus.

          Wait, sausage fattener? Soundgoodizer? Hahah.

      • alkoka

        agreed (Y)

    • Fartin Garrix

      read my comment on the post.

  • JohnWad666

    what the fuck is happening to dance music. its taken over by little kids and blacks. DISGUSTING. lets take the music back to what it was. these ones are not welcome here. America you ruin dance music.

    • yaniis

      are you fucking serious blacks. really????? no its your complaining that ruining the scene

      • Clemens Hofbauer

        So funny that Frankie Knuckles the pioneer of Electronic Music is black…^

        • Elliott Stanley

          The house scene was started by the black scene down in chicago which came from disco, again pioneered by black musicians…

          • Clemens Hofbauer

            to be honest, i dont care who invented it, black or white, it doesnt matter…JohnWad666 is just an idiot

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  • Nighthawk

    … Anyone think he has ghost producers behind this track? LOL
    By the way, if you’d like to support an aspiring 14 year old trance DJ and in-time-will-be producer, who doesn’t have a ton of money, follow this link: (Sorry, I couldn’t pass up the chance for self-promotion here. :D)

    • ziopio


    • Fartin Garrix

      you suck. didn’t even have to listen the fact that you felt the need to do so, proves you suck at what you do. quit. <3 – Fartin Garrix

  • NickyXplosion

    WOW 20 views on one of the most innovative tracks I ever made WTF GUYS? seriously these Kids & Faggots needs to die… whats so special about their preset GARBAGE?

    • JohnWad666

      fuck off.

      • John D

        Well said JohnWad666! My sentiments exactly

    • Fartin Garrix

      tbh i’d rather hear presets than whatever the fuck that crap was you just posted.

  • swoo

    i wish my parents were rich/influential

  • Yander Delgado

    Ghost producing + rich parents. That is all. This needs to STOP.

  • Bobby Asad

    Julian Jordan and caveat are teens still and are better … They should be getting props

  • John Michael Heck


  • Jim Nguyen

    this shit is bull shit man !

  • Mihai Vincze

    Hell Guys.
    I`m an 24 y old dj from Romania. I had played in different clubs here, and onestly i had realised that this kind of music is for people like this kid. Music for kids started w. i don`t know….13 to 20 years old. I am saying this because i saw the reaction on each people ( its easyear to observe it in smaller clubs ) and in general only the kids jumps and scream on this kind of music. For Aiden the message is simple…good luck kid.
    Ps. I`m a deep house lover. so this could be just another reason for my thoughts :) Good luck :)

  • Sam

    Too much ghost.

  • Will Thrillz

    so my autie is expected to have a baby soon. I’ll just slap that baby some headphones, and get them a track on beatport and we golden.

  • Fartin Garrix

    So I’ve got to bring this to light: I know this won’t come as much of a shock to some, but I not only have proof that this is a ghost produced tune, I also happen to have the ghost producer as a friend on FB, I made sure to get a few snapshots to tell the story. I just don’t think this it’s right that his parents are trying to buy their son’s way into fame. I’d love to share with anyone willing to get the story out there.

    • Keith Cetra McClellan

      Please do I’d share the shit out of proof.

  • yeeci

    if they said he was 25 years old y’all won’t give a fuck

    • Keith Cetra McClellan

      I don’t care if he’s 40 the song is cookie cutter crap either way.

  • Colin Bennun
  • Luis Hernandez

    Aiden Jude has talent. Stop being haters and bring the kid up.

  • Yashveer Jugnarain, SA

    howzit people, im 13, i downloaded fl studio at 8 years old, i have made enough money to buy the full version, now im making my own edm tracks, taking everyday sounds and changing some of the waveforms and other buttons and knobs that “make it sound gooood”. I create presets for harmor and sytrus. my soundcloud is , check it out, thanks.

    • Yashveer Jugnarain, SA

      btw, im also 13