Autechre Announces New EP on Warp

2013 is shaping up to be the year of experimental music releases from the top producers in the game, and Warp Records is right at the forefront. Closing out the second half of the year with two EPs by Mark Pritchard, an LP from Jackson And His Computer Band, and the highly anticipated Tomorrow’s Harvest album by Boards of Canada, the label is welcoming another release into their family – The L-Event EP from Autechre, a follow up to their Exai LP released earlier this year. Autechre (Rob Brown and Sean Booth) are known for being one of the pioneers of the ’90s experimental sound known many media outlets at the time knew as “IDM” or “Intelligence Dance Music” (a phrase much to the ire of many producers in this realm).

There’s no tracklisting yet for this 26-minute-long release, but you can still pre-order your CD, vinyl, and high quality downloads through their website – which actually leads to some odd results when you click on the link (and don’t worry, your computer is very safe from what’s going to happen upon questioning).

The L-Event EP is out on October 28.