More Than 80 People Require Medical Attention During Recent Avicii Concert in Boston

In the worst form of deja vu out there, another batch of Avicii concert attendees were in need of medical attention during his show at Boston’s TD Garden last night. Back at a Toronto show in May, there were at least 29 people sent to the hospital for drug and alcohol-related illness, but the number here is way worse. 7News Boston reports that over 80 people needed some kind of attention, with 50 people being treated at TD Garden by paramedics, with another 36 being rushed to local hospitals. One attendee said there “was a lot of drinking and some drugs. It was really hot in there.” What’s worse is all of this started happening around the start of the show. That’s right, 8PM at an EDM concert, and “dozens of ambulances” were called to the venue.

Boston EMS Deputy Superintendent Michael Bosee told 7News that most of the calls stemmed from “heat and alcohol related symptoms. There was a lot of underage drinking and some illicit drugs.” Live Nation did note that there were a lot of people taken to the hospital were not allowed to enter the concert. Bosse already knew this was going to go down, as he was quoted saying “when you have this type of a concert, this techno-rave type thing, we kind of know it may be coming.”

When are the concert-goers going to “know it may be coming” and try to curb some of the activities that can cause these kinds of situations? We need to party smart, people; know what you’re getting into, know your limits, and please be safe.

(White Raver Rafting)

  • The Colonel

    One thing you never seen mentioned in this articles: Isn’t it possible that the 80 people simply had a moment of realization about how shitty Avicii’s music actually is, and the shock sent them to the hospital?

  • afroJACKED92

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