Azealia Banks and Baauer Trade Tweets Over Her “Harlem Shake” Remix

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Yesterday, Azealia Banks dropped her “remix” of “Harlem Shake,” and as you see from the tweets above, Baauer was not happy. It looks like he had the song taken down (although Banks wasted no time in posting mirrors of the MP3), and a back and forth on Twitter ensued, calling into question a beef that dance music and hip-hop seem to get into separately, but is crashing into each other more with the advent of freestyling over anything popular for promotion.

There are two main issues here, the first being that Baauer definitely has the right to take down whatever he wants to (although Terry Urban’s “Dipset” edit of “Harlem Shake” is still sitting on his Bandcamp). The song is Baauer’s intellectual property, and like it or not, if he does not want someone altering it in any way, he can legally ask for it to be taken down. This contradicts the mixtape era of hip-hop, where rappers like 50 Cent gained a ton of buzz via creating entirely new versions of tracks that were in regular radio rotation, and with “Harlem Shake,” a 10-month-old track that was recently being thrown into the top of the iTunes charts due to the viral “Harlem Shake” video craze, Banks dropping a freestyle onto it NOW looks thirsty, no matter how much of a fan she said she has been.

The flipside, while not being brought into this argument heavily, is the Munchi factor. The EDM world has not forgotten the “Esta Noche” situation, and while ETC!ETC! opened up about his charges of her jacking his track “Swoop” with Brillz for her song “BBD,” not too many people within the EDM community are speaking out about these things. The Game spit over a Mala track during his last promo run, and Mala would not elaborate on the situation while speaking with Benji B. Who knows if there were monies passed for its use, or if Mala just feels uncomfortable about discussing it, but it sounded awkward. The animosity is obviously there (again, based on the above tweets), but if no one is standing up for themselves, how will things change?

DAD doesn’t claim to have all of the answers, but there are issues that need to be dealt with, especially when you consider that the offended parties (Baauer, ETC!ETC!, Munchi) have affiliations with Diplo‘s Mad Decent camp, and Diplo has known and worked with Azealia Banks for over four years. Mad Decent/Jeffrees put out “Harlem Shake,” so he’s definitely involved, although at the time this went to press he’s not expressed support on either side. It’s a sticky situation, but with this much animosity, something has got to give.

  • Jaap van der Doelen

    Azealia Banks isn’t just burning bridges anymore, she’s carrying a flamethrower and tossing molotovs at any bridge-like structure within reach of the lava-flow she’s directing.

  • Jaap van der Doelen

    By the way, I think it’s more Miss Banks’ habit of a biting the hand that (often unknowingly) feeds her than an EDM vs rap thing. It boggles the mind how she can be so dismissive and disrespectful towards the people creating the work she’s building her stuff on top of. This propbably wouldn’t happen to A$AP Rocky or Foreign Beggars, for instance.



    • FuckYouVeryMucho

      See this is why you fucking bitches annoy me. Trap(Jeezy,Waka,TI, etcI was already a sub-genre of hip-hop/rap. Now you new-fucks come in and steal the name “TRAP” and all sound that real “TRAP” is known for and come up with this EDM bullshit. FUCK YOU AND DIE.

      • charlie marshall

        Except all the people you named are talent-less fucks.
        EDM > Most hip hop made after 2000.
        TRAP is the exact same thing. It is NO different. It is just people appreciate it without the shit rappers rapping on top of it! You should be fucking honored that any EDM artist is going near the HipHop scene anyways. No one in it I can respect anymore. :L


    Baauer ALL DAY

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  • The AllMighty

    Even god is it getting in on the Harlem fever.

  • Casey White

    This Harlem Shake craze is stupid (hopefully Baauer realizes that this song has finally become popular simply for humor’s sake, not because people suddenly appreciate the music). Trap will be dead by the end of the year anyway, so who cares about a trap vs hiphop vs edm debate? Simply put, Baauer is a bitch for taking down a free song (since he’s remixed plenty of tracks and distributed them for free), and Azealia is a bitch because…well…she’s Azealia and doesn’t know how to credit artists properly (or ask them in advance).

    • Jaap van der Doelen

      Idunnoknow man, a lot of people have heard the song for the first time throught the video craze but plenty of them seem to like it. Why would it shoot to #1 on iTunes otherwise? As for Baauer taking down the song, yeah, he and plenty of his peers have dropped (unauthorized) remixes so it does come across as somewhat hypocritical to have it taken down, but I think it has more to do with WHO is doing it than WHAT she’s doing. Azealia has not made many friends in the past year.

  • norton barnacle


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