Baauer Being Sued By Photographer


While Diplo ended up handling the “Harlem Shake” lawsuits that were following Baauer, we have a feeling Diplo nor Mad Decent can handle this situation. TMZ is reporting that a photographer by the name of Dustin Kessler, who took the following pictures of Baauer, is suing Baauer over some pictures that Baauer asked him to use. The dispute says that two photos were requested: one for Facebook, and one for a magazine article. Word is that Kessler did not like seeing the photos landing everywhere, including in articles in BillboardSpin, in Coachella ads, and even on Baauer’s own website. We wonder: does Baauer really have power over what these publications do? It might depend on if he’s giving them these images as his press photos, right? Kessler says there was no credit or money given for the use of these photos, and he lays the blame solely on Baauer for the use. He’s also planning on suing any publications that have used the images.

We’ll see how this one spins out, as Kessler is looking for unspecified damages and is demanding a jury trial.

  • lets.EAT.lasers

    Baauer needs new management.

  • no1d

    The whole profession of photography has been dragged through the dirt. Independent artists need to support the people around them more often rather than just saying “hey thanks for the awesome edit or photo you did”

  • J Claud

    you simply can not just take photos of artists on stage then post them all over your photographer facebook page, and then have a hissy fit when an artist uses them, I’m sure if Baauer knew there would be a cry about this he would not have used it. I’m so sick of hearing Live performance photographers complaining about how they are so raped by artists when they have no idea how release their work properly to an artist for royalties etc. the world is flooded with EDM photographs, take initiative into adapting to the floods.

    • Clauded Mind

      Er actually, yes, yes you can. It’s copyrighted material. A photographer using their work on their own FB page is entirely different to someone then taking it an abusing it without the right to.

    • The Colonel

      It’s also worth noting that the actual photos in question are not live shots, but would appear to have been done in a studio.

  • Yes, he does

    he makes shit music anyway

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