Beatport’s New President Offers a “State of the Union”-Type Address

Image via Beatport
Image via Beatport

It’s a sign of the times in EDM when Beatport has a shift in organizational hierarchy, a new president of the company is named, and he essentially makes a State of The Union address about the genre’s longtime favorite track-purchasing platform. Lloyd Starr – the man who replaced former Beatport CEO recently turned SFX executive Matthew Adell as the head of the company – outlined ambitious plans for Beatport’s future. As well, in an intriguing note, the text also showcases just how intrinsically linked Beatport has been to the growth and sustainability of EDM overall.

Starr was the company’s first employee after the company’s founders, and in the decade that the company has been in business, points out that he’s seen the company grow from a Flash-encoded online store to a “unified global platform that provides artists and labels with a launching pad for breaking new music.” As well, in what feels like a nod to Beatport owners SFX’s notion of “electronic music culture,” Starr notes that Beatport still “[serves] DJs,” and while not “the only game in town” on multiple levels, does not view music as a “loss leader used to sell something else.” Instead, in Starr’s words, music “[drives] investment into the community…to the creators, the performers, and distributors alike.”

Noting that Beatport will not rest on “name recognition” to maintain a high percentage of market control, He also mentions a renewed interest in being interactive with the EDM community-at large, as well as a quick nod to his executive team, and to “keeping an ear to the ground” for customer feedback insofar as methods for the portal to retain relevance.

Again, Beatport’s new president wrote a State of the Union-style address that answered corporate concerns of a respected brand and top compnay that’s part of a much larger EDM conglomerate. Certainly not the PLUR we remember, but absolutely a sign of evolving times of what will be a moment in history that will never be forgotten.