Beatport’s Matthew Adell: Music Biz is a “Disaster Model”

Image via Beatport
Image via Beatport

People have been saying it for years, but Beatport’s Matthew Adell is the latest to say it: “the music business is a disaster”

Now this isn’t exactly earth-shattering news as sales have dropped precipitously over the last decade, but Adell is in a unique position as the CEO of the largest online distributor of electronic dance music. In his detailed interview with Billboard, Adell shares his feelings about the industry, a cognitive dissonance sure to be shared by many industry folk:

“When I was thinking about leaving Napster I was thinking about getting out of the music business. Every time I change jobs, I think about it, because the music business is a disaster. I was thinking video games would be interesting. Entertainment is important to me. I genuinely believe that most people’s lives are difficult and if we can — and I don’t mean distract them in some shady way — but literally bring people a little bit of joy in their day, it’s worth doing.”

So while people may think that the music industry, or entertainment in general, is a rather vapid industry, it’s an important reminder for those who still want to be in the industry but have concerns about the worthiness.