Boards of Canada Unveil New Album With Cryptic Ad


When major record stores labeled sections of anything with a robotic 4/4 rhythm “dance” or “techno” (regardless of what it was) and anything otherwise “electronica,” one of the names that were prominent in the latter of these categories were the prolific trio (now duo) known as  Boards of Canada. Their warm, emotive sounds of ’70s nostalgia (especially that of the National Film Board of Canada, which their name comes from) has been a staple in the experimental and leftfield dance scene since their first album Music Has The Right To Children in 1998.

Fast forward to 2013 and after a long hiatus and a change in scenery, Boards is releasing a new album called Tomorrow’s Harvest. Along with promotion of a vinyl single during Record Store Day (try not to hurt your face looking at that record’s price) using a series of codes across different media turning the hunt for information into an alternate reality game, this heavily cryptic commercial was aired with one of these codes during the Toonami programming block.

Tomorrow’s Harvest will be released June 11th on Warp.