Candyland Raising Funds to Help the City of Boston


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you heard about the horrible bombings that occurred during the Boston Marathon a little over a month ago. The Candyland DJs were scheduled to perform at a show in Boston a few days after the bombings, but the promoter of the event was directly effected by the bombings and had to reschedule. They decided to try and figure out what they could do:

After hearing his story we decided to find a way to help. So with the help of our friend Stan SB we made “The Secret” which is available here.

100% of the proceeds will go to The One Fund Boston. If you like the song please help and donate to this charity that is giving back to those who lost so much.

Candyland will also be holding an online charity on Mixify tonight starting at 9PM, where you can also enter to win a VIP package that will include entry to win Camp Bisco tickets, a chance to meet Candyland, and tickets to see both Candyland and Bro Safari. Again, all proceeds go to The One Fund in Boston.