Carnage Says His New Album Will Be “The Most Beautiful Piece of Art Ever Dropped By A Human”

Image via Carnage on Facebook
Image via Carnage on Facebook

Yesterday, the early morning news was that Carnage had been arrested for going over Club Cinema’s curfew. He ended up saying that didn’t happen, but drops some news that’s even bigger a day later: he’s planning on dropping an album this year. We had Carnage pegged as one to watch for 2013, and he definitely had a breakout year. It looks like he’s planning on excelling past that, calling his album “the most beautiful piece of art ever dropped [b]y a human.” He also details that the project will come with  a documentary which will detail his life behind-the-scenes. It’ll be like an aftermovie, but for a year in his life.

(Dancing Astronaut)

  • John Balushi

    biggest ego in the scene

  • MANTIS Dubstep

    Kanye complex incoming

  • ryry

    2 bad his tracks suck total ass

  • Thesanmich

    This guy seriously needs to shut up.
    I honestly never understood the hype surrounding him.