Carnage Was Apparently Arrested Last Night For Playing 45 Minutes Over His Set Time [UPDATE]

Image via @LessThan3 on Twitter
Image via @LessThan3 on Twitter

What’s good with Committee Entertainment? The same company that had riot police come out when fans couldn’t get into a Dada Life show are now back in the limelight (for good or ill) after word that Carnage, who was performing at Club Cinema in Florida, got arrested for playing 45 minutes after his set was supposed to be over. They let the world know that he “shut shit down” and “left with a smile,” but we have to wonder: why would they let him go so far over the allotted set time? We’ve seen 15, 20 minute encores, but almost an hour? “Turn down for what” might be the motto, but we have many questions. Judging from the pictures we’ve seen, it seems like cops stood there for a bit. What was going on during the time when Carnage first got told to stop playing and when the cops finally shut it down? Until we get the full story (i.e. whenever Carnage starts talking), we just have to go with the picture and info we’ve been given.


UPDATE The sleuths on our Twitter page did a little search and could not find Carnage’s name or a mugshot in the archives of people who have been held:

And for what it’s worth, Carnage posted on Facebook that he did not get arrested, although he doesn’t go into detail about any of this:

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  • Yo Donny

    It’s more so the Club’s fault. We have severe time restrictions in St. Louis where we have to stop at 1 A.M. but in East St. Louis the parties can go all night. Such a contraditcion.

    • Love Hz

      Actually, the main club in St. Louis that does weeklies for all EDM styles is a 3am bar. There are also two other 3am bars in St. Louis that book dance music DJs on the regular. Sure, 2720 closes promptly at 1:30, but that isn’t the only place for dance music. Just saying.

  • H8er

    You got to love lawenforcement!

    Why not ban all music alltogether, its more easy to control the hives that way, and ban liquer, ageing, sex, overconsumation of air

    Bring back the stoneages when people actually had to ackomplish something to survivem like playing a “real” instrument for one thing.