Win Tickets to the Finger Lickin’ Day Party with Chuckie at Lure, Los Angeles

Chuckie Insta

Listen up baby birds, we’ve got a special offer just for you and we’re giving it away for the low, low, members only, limited time, deal-of-the-damn-century, price of FREE dollars.

That’s right. We’ve got ONE LUCKY FAN covered with TWO TICKETS to the FINGER LICKIN’ DAY PARTY with ya boy CHUCKIE and the babiest of babes POSSO only at LURE in LOS ANGELES this SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16.

So why are we so stoked about this party? Well, A.) Because we’re Sunday Funday enthusiasts and if you’re not then I feel bad for you, B.) The “day party” is clearly dominant over all other parties, and of course, C.) Chuckie at Lure is guaranteed to be a hurricane of pure music sex pounding your ear balls from all angles, ya nerd.

1.) Like Do Androids Dance on Facebook
2.) Send an email to with one or two sentences on why you should win/want to go/whatever.

If you’re not feeling super confident about winning this game of wits and social media savvy, then get your tickets here and guarantee yourself a spot for the madness.

Chuckie Insta 400x400 Win Tickets to the Finger Lickin Day Party with Chuckie at Lure, Los Angeles