Dada Life Broke A Guinness World Record

Image via Dada Life on Facebook
Image via Dada Life on Facebook

Leave it to Dada Life to be the DJs to break a Guinness World Record… for the biggest pillow fight. Calling it “HAPPY VIOLENCE,” the fun-loving DJ crew took to Facebook earlier today to show off their official Guinness plaque and give fans the following message: “Yesterday we all made history in Dada Land here in Chicago…The worlds biggest pillow fight! The official Guinness world record is now ours! HAPPY VIOLENCE!!! We couldn’t have done this without all of you, so go go tag yourself in this historic pic!!!” It doesn’t look like the Guinness website has been updated as of yet, but Dada Life had to have had more than 3,706 people in attendance to break this. Here’s some footage from their Chicago show: UPDATE Here is the official recap from their Guinness World Record breaking pillow fight:


  • Iren

    That looks like an amazing party! Happy violence – it’s the best name for this kind of thing :) It should’ve been done to the Barby Girl song haha. Jokes aside, I really wish I could be there