Daft Punk Featured in New Editorial for Le Monde

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You know what just hit me? 2013 was the 20th anniversary of Daft Punk‘s existence. They formed in 1993, and while most American electronic music audiences hadn’t caught on until 1996/1997, that doesn’t make this year any less impactful. Now it all starts to make sense; did they decide to let things marinate until 2013, which would be a great year to release their fourth studio album? Who knows; what we have seen is that them androids be everywhere, with M Le Monde being the latest publication to get a special editorial from the two. Paired with model Saskia de Brauw, the duo is shot by Peter Lindbergh on “[a] blue and cold Saturday in November over a range of Picardy.” The black-and-white spread are dope, and consistent with other pieces they’ve shot in 2013 (although we’re told that these stills aim to recreate the 1962 French film Jules and Jim by François Truffaut). Check out select pictures up above.