This Is the Modcan Synth That Daft Punk Used on “Giorgio By Moroder”

Image via Giorgio Moroder on Facebook
Image via Giorgio Moroder on Facebook

A little over a week after Giorgio Moroder posted the extended interview that Daft Punk conducted with him (which ended up becoming “Giorgio By Moroder”), Giorgio Moroder shared a picture of the Modcan synthesizer that was used on “Giorgio By Moroder.” This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this; Modcan’s website has what looks like the same photo listed as “Daft Punk’s Tron System,” but it’s awesome to see that on a project like Random Access Memories, where they were so into the more analog sounds, they made sure to break out the “big boy,” especially on a track dedicated to a synth pioneer like Moroder.


  • Alex

    dp is really perfectionistic

  • adfgdsfg

    for all the work they put into the album, the vocals are kinda meh and the live instruments also kinda meh… it sounds cool yeah but overall… not as good as discovery!! lol it’s true