Someone Really Started a Petition to Have deadmau5 Banned From U.S. Music Festivals


Yesterday, we joked about what looked like every EDM blog going hype over the idea of deadmau5′s set at Ultra on Saturday night, where he seemingly trolled Avicii and Martin Garrix. We’re not sure how real this petition is, but we just saw that based on the “travesty” that the writer says deadmau5 “executed” on the “millions (and millions)” of EDM fans out there, he should not be able to perform or appear “at any music festival based in the United States.” Oh and that they “urge Barack Obama to use all the powers of the presidency to ensure this never happens again.”

OK, so it’s probably a joke, because why would Obama give a fuck about deadmau5, but it’s wild that something like this actually happened… because we have no doubt that some EDM fans actually feel like this. At the time of this posting, there are only nine signatures, with a total of 100,000 being requested. We’re probably wrong for posting it, but here’s the full text from the petition’s description:

On 29 March 2014, Joel Thomas “deadmau5″ Zimmerman executed a travesty upon the millions (and millions) of EDM fans across America.

Deadmau5 trolled electronic dance aficionados by playing Animals, Old McDonald Had a Farm, and Levels sarcastically during his set at the Ultra Music Festival.

We urge Barack Obama to use all the powers of the presidency to ensure this never happens again.

Ban Joel Thomas “deadmau5″ Zimmerman from performing or appearing at any future music festival held in the United States. Deadmau5′s presence is a detriment to the economy and national security of America.

Troll on, trollers.

(Be The Rave)