Diddy Says His New Dance Album “11:11″ With Guy Gerber Will Be Out This Summer

Image via IMSEngage on Twitter
Image via IMSEngage on Twitter

The last we heard of Diddy is that he’s sitting atop Forbes‘ Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists of 2014 list and worth about $700 million. If you’re stuck in ’09, though, maybe the last you heard of Diddy was his lowkey feature on DJ Hell’s “The DJ,” where he knocks DJs who play four minute versions—”This goes out to all the muthafuckas who like 15-20 minute versions of a muthafuckin record,” he says.

Diddy has an outspoken affinity for dance music, as he reminded the audience at today’s IMS Engage in LA (Steve Aoki, Hans Zimmer, Moby, and Pete Tong were among the other speakers at the event). In a conversation with the collaborator for his upcoming album, Guy Gerber (who has a pretty crazy story about meeting Diddy and getting to work with him in the first place), Diddy described the record, titled 11:11, as “underground dance.”

Judging by this clip he played at the Red Bull Guest House during ULTRA last month, it just might be (note: he says it’s for the “demented after hour minds”). While at IMS he added, “We didn’t do it for commercial success,” which could honestly mean many things; hopefully it means that it’s actually a good body of music.

According to a string of tweets from Beats’ Pop Music programmer Arjan Writes, IMS Engage, and the W Hotel Hollywood, he confirmed many of the album details, including that it would be released this summer.

He also talked about how going to Ibiza in 2003 was “spiritual” (seems like he had a similar experience at Burning Man last year).

He also brought up his belief that the underground keeps music alive.

He also nodded to current trends in live electronic music shows and the $$$ people are paying to see them.

He also discussed his mission with the album.

And apparently when Guy Gerber was about to explain the album’s title, Diddy stopped him. Maybe it’s because they started working on it in 2011? Or as THUMP points out, it could reference New Age beliefs (“11:11 is an auspicious sign that signals the presence of spirits”). Regardless, it’s better than Ketamine, which is what he originally wanted to name the project.

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  • JohnWad666

    Great. Puff Diddy will ruin dance music just like he ruined rap “music” (if you can even call that music!)

    Blacks getting involved with the electronic scene is no good. They ruin everything. We need to take it back to how it used to be. America is ruining dance music more and more. Fuck america.

    • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com/ Constant Gardner

      Nah, fuck you. You’re racist and clearly have no idea about any of the history of dance music. Heard of house music? Techno? Any idea where they came from? Obviously not.

      • JohnWad666

        first off im not a racist i have black friends but they dont act like ghetto thugs like american blacks. and in that response, I was talking about modern day american blacks. black people used to be ok in the past before they all starting idolizing gangster rappers and trying to be thugs. you used to be taleted black people like jimi hendrix and miles davis but now they are all ignorant violent thugs. rap music doesnt take any talent. how hard is it to yell about shooting people and selling drugs?

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          You do realize you still sound incredibly racist, right?

          • JohnWad666
        • Vic

          bro do you realize not everyone is like that your grouping together people and saying there all the same? what ever color your skin we are all individuals
          god made us different for a reason lol and you said it yourself your friends are not like that so why do you stereotype right now your trollling online lol

          • JohnWad666

            no i do not mean to sound racist. english is not my first language so i may say some things wrong. i dont mean that all black people are the same. i am just talking about the american blacks. in my country they are good people and act just like everyone else. they are not killers and thugs like in america. i guess a lot of the americans are ruining dance music not only the blacks but i see how black music turned out with gangster rap and how it destroys the culture and i think the same will happen to dance music. it makes me angry so i speak up.

          • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

            you being angry and speaking up doesn’t make you sounding racist OK.

        • charlie marshall

          “rap music doesnt take any talent.” Maybe not today’s artists, but you’re forgetting people like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, BDP, KRS One, Public Enemy, and The Beastie Boys (who were white! :O). Stop being a racist generalizing bastard, and learn some music history.

        • John Michael James

          I don’t think you have any black friends at all cos if you did, you wouldn’t be making such racists remarks out of respect for them so cut the crap you racist ingrate.

    • Peacemaker

      LOL!! It is blacks who came up with electronic music… They started house music and detroit techno. Get your facts right!

    • John Michael James

      L O L the seed was planted by black people. The whole scene in America is ruining what was built by the forefathers or techno & house whom were BLACK. Get your facts right and respect the roots of the music we all love.

    • hrubio

      I know this is three months old, but still want to throw in my two cents.

      Gerber and Diddy have been working together since 2010, when Gerber produced the intro to Diddy’s “Last Train to Paris” album. Diddy has also worked with a number of electronic music producers, from Felix da Housecat to Deep Dish to DJ Hell. Dance music is yet to be ruined. So shut up.

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    guy gerber loves ketamine