Die Antwoord Is Working With Aphex Twin. No, Really.

Image via Ninja
Image via Ninja

Now…I don’t spend much time on here hating on things because it’s counterproductive (IMO) and there’s just more to life than being mad all the time.  With that said though…I hate Die Antwoord.  The terrible raps, controversial videos (appearing in black face, anyone?), and wanna-be renegade image is all super lame.  Yeah, they’re fairly huge and a lot of people love them.  To each their own, honestly.  But when a story breaks that they’re working on their new album Donker Mag and the one and only Aphex Twin is involved? Sure, Ninja has a very visible Richard D. James logo on his arm (see image above), but this news has me shocked, curious, flabbergasted, and confused all at once.  I’ll give them this, though: this is the first time I’ll ever be interested to hear music from them.  Go big or go home right?

(Stoney Roads)

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  • http://soundcloud.com/the-colonel-mc The Colonel

    I’m with you dude–Die Antwoord is fun in theory, but it’s 1987 white boy raps all over the place.

  • DJ

    What a biased horrible writer. Totally ruined the point of the article with negativity on who they liked or didn’t like, to the point where I stopped caring.

    • DJ

      Plus, they are from fucking Africa, hence the black face.

      • DJ

        (Die Antwoord, not the writer)

      • Stunned

        You do know that just because you come from Africa,it doesn’t mean that blackface is ok?

        • DJ

          I don’t think that they intended to be racist was my point. After all, their ancestors were slaves to USA.

  • dafuck

    How is this a fucking news article? It’s just some cunt whinging.

  • ur really dumb

    yeah no one gives a shit about your opinion, just report the news if you can’t be an absolute fucking cunt. obviously they’ve got something going for them if aphex twin is working with them

  • Ryan Christopher Halterman Phd

    That guy is a douche bag why do you report on a band in an articles and just trash them through the whole thing? He is a shit journalist. I really doubt they care what this guy thinks anyway. He can’t even report on something without shitting his opinions all through it which is not reporting news. If this web site has any intention of being considered a reputable source for information they should get rid of this guy. Not because he doesn’t like the band but because news is supposed to be fact not opinion. He should go work for a 24 hour news network

    • Disgraceland

      You do realise that this is a blog, yeah? it’s not the fucking BBC. In case this is your first day on the internet, blogs are ‘websites’ that allow people to ‘express their own points of view’ about things. You, as the reader, have a choice to ‘read’ the blog or ‘not read the blog’. Anyway, I assume your Phd isn’t for anything relating to basic common sense? Quit your crying and get on with your life.

      • Nicholas James Concklin

        DAD is a music constituent of Complex Magazine and recently reported passing DJMag’s monthly unique visitor rate, so this is not just another WordPress.com blog, there is a degree of professionalism that stature requires and we readers should be holding them to it.

        • NJC sucks donkey dick

          It’s a blog your anal retentive muppet. Have you ever visited http://www.wundergroundmusic.com before? You seem like the kinda guy that comments there regularly. I take it that you have never read an opinion piece in a newspaper, or similar, either? You know, where people express their opinions?

          • Nicholas James Concklin

            You think this here is an editorial? Nope, it’s a news item. Can’t help but admire your passion on the topic though.

          • Partial retraction

            haha fair play, it is in the news. Doesn’t change the fact that none of it matters though. TBH I had never heard of Die Antwoord until I read this, and I shall probably never think of them again.

          • Nicholas James Concklin

            You’re right, none of it matters really. Just detracts from the actual news at hand, which is why we’re here, not for Brent’s irrelevant opinion.

  • Nicholas James Concklin

    Should probably relegate news items about artists you don’t like to one of your fellow contributors, since, you know, people who actually do like said artist are going to be the primary readers of it. Just a thought.

  • Mantas

    You better do not kick sand into ninja’s face, unless you like funerals. yyaaaao buoooy !

  • Mantas

    I like how people are unable to work out what is D.A. way to gooo yooo

  • Dumb

    What a surprise? They’ve been doing appearances together for like 5 years.

  • nsyraxx

    If you knew anything about Die Antwoord, you’d know they are a conceptual art act, what they do is an ACT! They are about the performance, the outrageousness of it.

    • nsyraxx

      And damn good IMO

    • http://gogisadj.tumblr.com/ Luca Speterson

      Well, he finds it lame