The Managers of Diplo and DJ BL3ND Fight at IMS Engage Conference Over Facebook Likes

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Earlier today, Diplo‘s social media panel at IMS Engage turned into an odd discussion about fake Facebook followers (yes, this argument is rearing it’s ugly head again). Diplo is said to have been speaking the truth regarding having fake Facebook fans (a practice which might make sense in theory, considering how numbers-based things like DJ bookings can be), saying that “You don’t really want fake Facebook fans; they don’t buy your records.”

Things got a bit tense when DJ BL3ND’s name was thrown into the mix; BL3ND reportedly has over three million Facebook likes to Diplo’s 390,000. Diplo, who mentioned that he is a fan of BL3nd, made sure to mention that he’s sure that he is “bigger than DJ BL3ND,” which didn’t sit well with BL3ND’s people, who made sure to comment about how many big shows BL3ND plays during the question-and-answer period.

Later on, there are reports that there was an altercation between BL3ND’s and Diplo’s managers. We’re not sure if BL3ND’s padding his Facebook numbers, or if being the bigger star means you automatically have more Facebook followers, but this debate will only increase with more eyes falling on the EDM scene.

(inthemix, Billboard)

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  • John SomeJerk

    who the fuck is DJ bl3nd?

    • byahh


      • Selekta Seekrits


    • The Colonel

      He just got 4% better known.

    • Valon Haliti

      I didn’t know about this Fuckin bl3nd either.. lol

  • Kenny Jensen

    hes a rabid dog that needs to be taken out back and put out of his misiry

  • Jarred Ashton Newallo

    Diplo is in a sense is right, he is infact bigger than dj bl3nd..he has his hands in other genre’s of music as well as the bass culture genre’s, hip hop and even pop records. I’m waiting for bl3nd to do a genre switch as major as what Diplo has already done…just saying.

    • Wayne Mckenzie

      Im waiting for Dj Bl3nd to complete a solo tour lol

      • Jarred Ashton Newallo

        I wonder how that would work out actually…lol

  • lemons

    lame-o ka-blame-o

  • muhammadalias

    dj who?

  • riqdaddy

    lol i like both dj’s equally, both have completely different sounds. no need to hate. judging someone based on their facebook following is ridiculous..Diplo has been in the game longer and is obviously the more popular regardless the ‘followers’. #expressyourself not #hate

  • Chris Hoefer

    Diplo b the innovator. Bl3nd b the imitator.

  • Nishan Raj

    honestly,did Bl3nd stick carrots up yr asses,why the hostility??

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    Well diplo is big but hes music fuckin sucks dj bl3nd got that energetic music and mixes but yeah fuck diplo lame as foo scared of new young dj’s deorro is way better than diplo

  • a

    dj bl3nd isnt a dj at all he’s a fucking joke. he literally presses play and acts retarded. he’s so ashamed he wont even show his face lol. i honestly hope he dies.